Thursday, May 31, 2012

June first - thoughts

Tomorrow will be June 1st.  Seems only a short while ago we were welcoming the New Year. January 1st. I remember I was wondering if I was going to make my trip to New Zealand and fulfil what I had set up there. Then on Feb 3rd I was on the plane flying away. March 18th saw me return back home having fulfilled what I had set out to do, but I returned not physically well at all. Now it is nearly three months later and I'm only now beginning to feel ready to begin my Wednesday night groups, plus consider doing more than one thing per day. Its been a long journey and its not completed but I'm getting there.
Interestingly in the Fall three people told me my whole life would be different come the end of May. You can imagine where my thoughts went!  Well here is the end of May and yes my life is different. I have not been able to go and complete my activities this Spring, I'm still having to rest quite a lot. My regime has changed and I certainly am having to consider I'm not 45 or even 55 anymore. I'm not sure how this will look when its totally completed, but the journey I have been on has certainly made some changes to my outlook and considerations.
Before sitting down to type, I went to my Tarot Cards and asked what to consider for June 1st, the the symbology I picked was The Tower, King of Swords and King of Pentacles. Wow, I thought what am I going to do with those three so here goes:
"No matter what life brings you, when it comes in unexpectedly you will need to let go of your preconceived ideas and concepts and not hang onto them for dear life. Be open to embrace remembering that life is always wanting you to succeed. It want you to grow and become all of who you are. It is the restriction of hanging on and not free flowing which can be difficult and create more bumps in the road. Free flow, that's the key, knowing you are in command of your life and can recreate all that you want."
As I wrote this it reminded me of a client I recently had whose reading looked really good. Yes there was a transition, but it was close to the end. Everything looked upward, free flowing. But something was blocking. It was my client, herself not wanting to let go. She had been in an accident and the results were that she would not be the 'same' as she was before. As our conversation went on, I said "have patience, let go and know it will come to an end. If I did not see that I would be speaking to you differently." She was the issue, not life. Life was continuing at the pace it needed to. She didn't want it that way though, she wanted it like it was and it wasn't going to be.
This was a reminder for me to know my life would not be like it has been. I have to watch myself so I do not over schedule etc, but also I need to be looking ahead knowing life is full of surprises which can be great, and no matter the circumstances, one can overcome and be happy and fulfilled. 
All I can say in relation to June 1st....bring it on. I will accept, let go and go forward.

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