Friday, October 15, 2010

Tarot Class ready to begin

Just taking a quick moment to report as I'm almost ready to begin the Tarot for Successful Living (Tarot Card Reading) course. Soon I will be going for my walk and then purchasing the 'food' for the weekend. It is always a nervous time, the time between when you are ready and when you are actually on your way. Ten students for this weekend. Four going on to the other weekends to follow. I'm always thrilled to be teaching this as it is doing the 'journey' all over again. 
I just completed writing up my review on the movie The Secret In Their Eyes, a must see if you can. Also the book The House at Riverton. As usual Kate Morton writes a little slow (for my liking) in the beginning and then in the middle everything picks up and you don't want to put it down. She has a wonderful way of mixing time periods easily, which makes the reading and seeing the picture she is portraying. (If you haven't read my review please do
As Fall closes in with the nights getting colder, I'm working to get ready (beginning Monday in earnest) for my trip to Vancouver for the Women's Show in Abbotsford, and then a busy week with clients, friends and evenings. A channeling evening in Tsawwassen, on Tuesday, followed by a Past Life Regression Workshop on Wednesday, followed by an evening with son Rob and his family.  Thank goodness for friend Sonia who allows me to stay and come and go as I want, plus see clients at her house.
Then back home, to begin to get ready for the 2nd weekend of the intensive, and my trip to Calgary for the PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE. I would like a few more attendees, but considering we have a month to go, I'm not complaining - yet!  Anyway, its enough to make it work, so off to Calgary I go in November.
Well I began to think about Fall, and a planned trip to NZ in January, where it will be summer again. Great!
Also, today, for those who know how much I enjoy my soccer, and cheer for Liverpool, the new ownership has been confirmed and hopefully that will mean the team can settle down, get some more new players and begin winning.  I will be up early Sunday morning to see them play......
In the meantime, Tarot will take my attention. I've everything ready for the people arriving tonight.
You have a great weekend and enjoy!

Norma Cowie
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