Friday, October 08, 2010

Its the 8th of October already

Sometimes I wonder if its my age that time is going so fast, or is it just everything is speeding up. I guess if I was 6 it would seem like long. Anyway, all of a sudden it is the eighth of October and thanksgiving is here. I'm speaking Sunday at the Celebration Centre, and I'm beginning to get an idea of how I'm going to represent my topic I said I would do "thankfulness for our lives".  But have some time to ponder before I decide my course of action.
I had a great weekend last weekend visiting Eleanor in Trail. I decided to drive the long way - ended up taking 10 hours instead of 4 1/2.  But, captured a few really nice shots of the fall colors on my camera. When I went to download them my battery inside the camera was flat. Oh well, this afternoon I may make it - the downloading that is. While in Trail Eleanor had arranged a psychic party, so Sunday afternoon nine people had their numbers, crystal ball and cards read. When it was all over I left to drive home and did it in a really good time.
I picked up a young male hitchhiker who came 3 /4 of the way with me. He had been out driving his motorcycle and ended up getting caught speeding doing 120 in an 80 k zone, so his motorcycle was impounded and here he as stranded. I saw him standing by the roadside, coming on dark, and I checked his aura and thought "he looks OK". I knew that we were going to be driving through a good 1 hour of mountains before we came to civilization and at that time of day the number of cars going through there would not be many. Anyway, I took the chance of the hitchhiker  (being a woman etc) and he was wonderful company. 28 years old with a three year old daughter. We talked the whole way, until I dropped him off where a friend was driving towards (around 3 hours) him so they could met up.  His wonderful day of exploration came to an abrupt and horrendously expensive time.  He as still figuring out how to get back and get his motorcycle in 5 days.
Then arriving home to a message saying friend David from Saskatoon would be arriving in the afternoon (Monday) I was even more glad to be home Sunday night. David arrived and he left yesterday (Thursday). As I was busy Tuesday with clients, on Wednesday he and I went down to Osyoos and had lunch with Christobelle and Suzanne and that was great fun. David had not driven south of here before, so he enjoyed seeing the bottom part of our valley.
Thursday saw David away and me off to Kelowna for Chiropractor and Massage visits. I have this most wonderful person who massages who I discovered at the Wise Woman. This was the first time I was able to get up and will be back in a couple of weeks just before leaving for my 10 days in Vancouver area. Life is good!
I have been watching a lot of the TV series as they begin again. Bit by bit I'm eliminating them. It makes me quite mad that most of the good ones are on Monday and Tuesday, whereas Saturday has nothing new worthwhile (according to me) at all. But Monday, with Dancing with the Stars taking up two hours and all the other good shows....well long watching. Thank goodness for 'Time Shift' which means I can begin watching at 4pm from Atlantic Canada and Toronto, then at 8pm switch to our local time period. I still have to copy some. After all I can't miss Chuck.  In fact NBC has a great Monday night line up. 
Overall, though Hawaii 5-0 is probably the best of them all - again according to me - and on Wednesday nights Grey's Anatomy still is the best. The surprise is The Defenders - with Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell.. I thought from the promos it would be terrible and nearly did not even catch the first show, but I was giving everything their 'shot' and wow I was surprised. Yes it is funny, but not too campy, and serious. They are getting some serious stuff across. I hope it stays. I will keep watching.
Now must away, get ready for the day, couple of new clients, walking, and then off to the movie Secretariat. Oh yes, talking of movies, new movie review of Our Town on the other blog. and Secretariat will be following after tonight. Janet I miss you, so far no takers of going to the movies with me. Enjoy Victoria.
Love to everyone

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