Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday am musings - soccer

For those who know me, know I'm a soccer nut, watching my Liverpool team play every week (even getting up super early) although I'm not traditionally a getting out of bed early person - unless I'm going somewhere exciting.
With the world cup on in South Africa and the first game of three per day beginning at 4.30am, its surprising how often I'm awake around then, to put on the TV and those watch and doze through the first two games. The third one does not come on until 11.30am, so there are a few hours to do things, plus I often record the third one to watch (skim) through later. But most of the games I'm catching most of them. So my soccer quotient is full right now, with more to come, but, beginning tomorrow the Wimbledon Tennis begins and that is two weeks long. Luckily there will be fewer soccer games soon, as they get into the playoffs, and as the Tennis heats up the soccer will be less and less. So a busy two weeks coming up of both favorite sports soccer and tennis.
I've been catching up on resting, after my busy first five months of the year, and beginning to feel more like myself again. The Saturday markets are in full swing, so every Saturday I'm away by 6.45am to set up and sit, doing readings and sometimes selling a book or two. In the down time I do drawings - look at people and draw their auras, colors, soul or whatever my fancy to pass the time.
I've completed the book SANTARAM. If you want a great book to read this summer, and you have not read this one, think about it, great story, great reading and super educational on all sorts of subjects. I especially liked the good/bad and god conversations, but it is full of India and how the India nation operates. I felt I received a lot of knowledge just through this book which is based on a true story.
My yard is looking nice, and with all the rain we have been having my lawn needs mowing again and my 'yard man' (how do you like that I have a 'yard man') will be coming around soon I'm sure. The flowers are good too. My tomato plants aren't doing so well though. So will have to spend some time giving them some life force energy.
Well must away, its Sunday morning, I'm off to the Celebration Centre to celebrate life, and this afternoon a Solstice ceremony.
Happy Solstice, Happy Father's Day. Happy Whatever you want to Celebrate
Norma Cowie
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