Monday, June 14, 2010

Learning Continues

The summer sun has finally arrived here in the Okanagan, and with it half an hour south a huge landslide which has taken out five houses, vineyards and orchards. Luckily no loss of life, by the highway south is closed. Yes, we had a lot of rain it was said on the news this am that five times more than usual.
Interestingly I was at the other side of the area that had the landslide (in another valley) with my meditation group having a field trip as we looked at lay lines and vortexes in a house where we had been asked to come look at it. What fun we all had with our pendulems. I remember looking up at the hill not far away from where we were thinking (that could come down) and instantly evaporated that thought. Little did I know at the time that not far away as the crow flies part of a large hill was coming down.
Now, did I pick up what was happening, or was it coincident. As I have not heard the time frame of the landslide I do not know, but no matter, every person on both sides of that range are safe and sound, even though great property damage was done (especially to vineyards - its a wine city - as is the whole Okanagan valley).
I'm still working through the book Shantaram....loving it, but as my energy comes back I'm getting more done, so less time to read. Had a wonderful piece the other day where he is discussing good and evil, with good being when one works towards God, and evil being where one works away from God. (God being good) but the the wonderful part is where he says (and it is repeated a few times) we do good things for the wrong reasons and wrong things for the right reason. How do we know what it is we do, we usually do things for what we consider the 'right reason'. Example: last night, as I was heading into the theatre to see Karate Kid a young man stopped me to ask if I knew where any soup kitchens were (no I didn't - do we even have them in our town?). He seemed clean cut, told me he and his wife (no where to be seen) had arrived by bus and he was beginning to work on a construction site the next morning (today Monday). then came the question, do you have something to give me for a bag of chips. Well it happened that in my wallet I had $10.00 for the movie, not much change, but I also had two $50.00 bills. What do I do? Now you are thinking fast on your feet, he looks OK...but all I have is $10.00 and a $50.00 (knowing I don't have anything smaller). Do I give him $10.00 or do I give him a $50.00 bill. What do you think I did. I gave him $10.00, and used one of the $50.00 to pay my way into the theatre. Did I do right or wrong? Who knows, all I know is that is what I chose in that moment. Sometimes, as my brother has often said 'You over think" and I think this is one of those moments. Acceptance, you did what you did, let it go. (Oh yes, that was a card I got yesterday - just remembered - let go).
So went inside and watch Karate Kid which I enjoyed, will do my review after this. So back to the book SHANTARAM. Another piece I read the other day which I enjoyed was a comment in which the question is asked "Do you think the light is God" and the answer comes back "No, the light is the LANGUAGE of God". I loved that. For as you know I use light all the time to transform energy and I feel the love, warmth and acceptance within that light and love 'hanging out in it' and if this the LANGUAGE OF GOD I'm 100% for it. The thing is - do we hang out there all the time -- I most certainly don't and I don't think most of us do, but the knowing it is there, and as I teach - its only a breath away, we can all access it easily and often and remember that it is there and so we hang out in it more and more.
Also this morning I decided (when I got back from my walk with Jeannie to pull a card from a deck that I'm thoroughly enjoying - Messages of Life. The drawings are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen, utilizing light and I love them all.
Today my card said ACHIEVEMENT .... "I advance on the road of achievement in order to discover myself. In spite of difficulties, I achieve my objectives and embrace life. Faith is my strength. I believe in myself and my true potential. With the simplicity of a child and the wisdom of an old wise man, I move forward for my own sake. I live without fear because I will always be in good company on this journey towards the light". I loved "faith is my strength".
And so I progress with my light, my strength and the knowing no matter what I will achieve whatever it is I achieve.
You have a great day!
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