Monday, June 07, 2010

Movie Review - Killers

Saturday night came and I was restless. Looking at the four movies available at my local theatre I chose Killers. Luckily I knew inspite of the title that it was Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel. By the amount of people in the audience, others did not. What a stupid title - whoever picked that should have been shot themselves. It does not really portray the movie - anyway I went.
I truly did not have any expectations of this movie, I just wanted out of the house there was nothing on TV (which seems like every night these days) and I did not want to go and see Sex In the City 2 (I will another night). I was pleasantly surprised.
I was surprised because I laughed often and I was hugely (is that a word) thrilled to see Magnum - Tom Selleck - he will always be Magnum to me, playing Katherine's Dad. He always brings such strength to the screen these days. Like a lot of men when they hit their 40's they seem to grow bigger all over -- well hes much over 40 - but still looks, big, strong and Magnum.
Again the movie seems filled with craziness, but both Ashton and Katherine pull it off - somehow she does though dumb but beautiful, but not too dumb roles wonderfully well, and he is always surprising in what he can do. Yeah, hate to say it, I enjoyed this. I go to the movies for several reasons, one to entertained, which this movie did. Two to enjoy the views, this one has wonderful views of Nice, and then uptown subdivision and a construction site, but I sure enjoyed the views of France's coastline. third that I learn something from the movie, a moral, or mental, or emotional connection I did not in this movie get anything. But I laughed and that is worth something when you are feeling tired and a bit out of sorts. Yeah, I enjoyed it. Therefore it is worth 3 out of 5. (could have been 2 1/2 but the views in France were nice).

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