Saturday, July 24, 2010

English Tea Garden Party

Yesterday, Friday, I hosted an English Tea Garden Party.  Twenty One ladies came and participated. It was fun. This was the third tea party I've hosted and they keep getting bigger. The word is out. Tea is good, especially with party like goodies.  Everyone gets to bring something to eat, so lots of 'sugar' and sandwiches. But fun. I put up my overhead ten cover (which I use when working in the local market every Saturday (today). I had trouble putting it up, but friend Ted came to the rescue after my phone call, and soon it was up, the tables up ready, thanks to Vida and Ardee and I'm running around like crazy when people began to arrive.
Good friends arrived from Osyoos (1 hour away) coming into the kitchen to say hello and deliver birthday presents and here I am saying "Good to see you, but can deal with this (presents) later, I'm up to my eye balls".  So presents was the last thing I got to do on the afternoon.
Four different kinds of tea:  Everyone's favorite including mine 'Buckingham Palace Tea' (which is apparently what the Queen serves). It is a great tea. Then I had 'Ginger Peach', and one titled 'Casablanca' which was a vanilla/orange blend, then good old regular tea 'Tetley Tea'.  I was busy refilling the Buckingham Palace Tea.
Everyone said they had a good time when 2 - 2 1/2 hours later everyone began to depart and clean up began.
Yes another lovely tea party.  Now on the 31st comes the pot luck barbecue.
Life is good.
Today, after the market I drive Vida (who is here from Edmonton) to Vancouver, where I'm busy waiting for Karen to arrive from N.Z. on Tuesday morning.
You have a wonderful weekend.
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