Thursday, July 01, 2010


It's Canada Day, and its cold - cold enough for me to put on my furnace. Imagine July 1st and its this cold. Grey clouds, cool breeze, and I'm looking for socks for my feet. Regardkess Happy Canada Day - Canada, and in a few days, it will be July 4th and U.S. Birthday.
I have had an interesting week. On Tuesday I visited with Christine the Intuitive Healer and had a great 2 hour session with her. Just love her work. She managed to access and release pain which my body had been holding onto, not knowing how to release it. It was a painful session as all the bits of pain surfaced and then left through one spot. I'd like to think we released most of it if not all of it. I do know last night during meditation the new energy which has been attempting to come in and 'stay' was able to come in easily and integrate with me without any effort. My fingers are crossed as this new energy consolidates and that the 'old' energetic aspects of me will be released and the new me will emerge. (Oh yes, down 36 lbs now - so I'm emerging in a new slimmer way at least).
Then today I went and visited Dr. Charlene Reeves for a biofeedback session of my body. She has many marvelous machines, and we discovered many things, some I knew, some I did not. After being 'measured' the only way I can describe it, I sat in a wonderful massage chair and had lights on my eyes, and listened to a 'talk' followed by a massage from the chair, and then time in another room where I was given a two minute (first time) with the Quantum Pulse. A wonderful way to spend two hours for a discovery and 'tune up'.
This week then I have four hours of different modalities all leading to my health getting better and better. The best part is Charlene's machines say my energy is at age 55. I'm still processing that because sometimes I feel my biological age -- approaching 66 this month. So I'm working on being appreciative and grateful for my body.
Having these two techniques done close together (almost by accident) it made me realize how important each type of energy work is. I had a session with a client yesterday who is suffering from Geopathic stress, and I found that the stress did affect every level and in every way of her life. I'll be interested in seeing how she feels in the next few days, because there was a lot to be released from the different levels, especially the etheric, aura and emotional levels. Also surprising as when it came to the Psychic level I had to expand it and clear the system of fear of being utilized. Usually I'm doing the opposite, having to restructure the level so it helps to support the person, not creating difficulties. This expanding and teaching it how it can work will stop my client from being over analytical and begin to trust her gut/intuition much more.
Also, while on the subject of intuition and listening to one's self while working with another client I found myself talking about the 'Creator' and at one point taking her right back to the beginning so she could reestablish a relationship with the 'creator'. The session was flowing really well when I had this thought and I asked her "do you have native blood?" I was not surprised when the answer came back "yes". No wonder I was using 'Creator' rather than 'God' or some other term for the Universal Love Energy. I suggested she get back into the traditional spiritual teachings of her people, especially 'the wheel'. (Thank you Linda Taylor for all that you taught me years ago).
Another interesting 'energetic' situation came up for me the other day too. As you may be aware I have a company which reminds me of birthdays and I send out e-birthday cards. I usually have my clients listed and friends. The other day I had several birthdays come in for July 1 - 4. I came to this one and I found myself thinking "I have to have a special card for this one". So I looked through and found a card I had never sent before, very ethereal looking with flowers on the bottom edge. As I went to type up my message I took another look at the name and had the thought "I think this Margaret Anne's friend who died a while ago, I had better check before I send it". Sure enough, when checking, it was Margaret Anne's friend who had passed away, so the card did not get sent. But isn't it interesting I had picked up it needed to be a different type of card.
Energy, we work with it all the time. I'm listening to myself more, in my work and in my life, so I'm trusting I will receive the answers or information I'm needing by being aware. I suggest you do the same if you are not already.
Happy Canada Day - Enjoy!!!

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