Monday, July 05, 2010

My clearing work!

I'm thinking I truly must keep some of the situations I run across when I'm doing someones clearing of their energy fields. Over the years I have encountered so many different situations, some of them I remember because they were either the first of that kind, or they really stood out, or I only remember them for a short while. But people's life stories that emerge are often interesting.
Last week I had a 76 year old come and see me who wanted relief from her asthma and headaches. As I took a look at where she was holding the blocks which needed to be cleared I was not surprised to see it was on all levels and in all areas of her life. Her headaches seem to be a result from what I could determine was a neck misalignment and a few areas which needed clearing.
So I proceeded, what was interesting was I picked up physical abuse and I asked "have you ever been hit in anyway" the answer came back "no". I just continued on and then again working on another level, again I picked up physical abuse in her childhood. "did your father every hit you", this time the answer came back "no, but my husband did".  I smiled to myself and continued. Then after the session was over she began to speak about her childhood, how her father tried to strangle her when she was five and about how tough he was. I commented on her resilience (not sure if she 'heard' me though). What came up though, was how we can be asked a direct question and we are so used to lying to ourselves our denial still comes out in our automatic answers. .
There was a lot of energy to clear, some past life issues as usual, and then in one level - mental level if I remember right - I found this 'shadow' like a shadow wall where everything got run through. So I asked "where you raised in a certain religion?" The answer "Mennonite, but I threw all that out long ago". "Well I replied, "you did not throw it all out, because every time something comes into your world you run it by what you learned as a child, you check to see if it falls into a certain criteria and you make your decisions based on what you learned along time ago." After some reflection, she agreed she did do that. I usually run into questions about God and separation etc, on the Spiritual level. Anyway, I cleared the shadow/ghost wall and I'm sure she will be able to "think" alot clearer now.
Yes, this was a session with alot of tears, and memories finally surfacing, as I spoke about certain energies etc. I knew I would need to go slow and explain what I was doing, as this was all new to her, but truly at 76 she was courageous to come and do something new, but then again she was fed up with not being able to breathe and being blocked by headaches as well.
I'm looking forward to seeing how she will do in the next few weeks as the new energy gets more and more integrated.
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