Thursday, July 08, 2010


I have had a fascinating week around HOPE.  First during a past life regression session a client moved into what I call mythological regressions. This means the story line which emerged has significance to the older Greek and Roman myths. I know I personally gained a lot of insight when I personally came into these. My client had two very interesting mythological stories unfold. One was a woman who spontaneously gave birth to six children here on Earth (one of the children my client related too) and he was HOPE. Needless to say we spent quite a bit of time discussing the session afterwards.
Then yesterday I was with another client working on anxiety when, while clearing energy held in the mental level, I came across a past life where this old man as walking along, poor, hungry and absolutely HOPELESS. There was going to be no reprieve for him except death. At this point I realized that my client needed HOPE. She often would say to me when I asked certain questions "I HOPE so". Up until that point of time, even though I listen to the language a person speaks to me, I had not connected that there was an underlying NO HOPE - or HOPELESSNESS.
Then last night in the meditation class, guess what came up again - you guessed it - HOPE. So once more a discussion of HOPE happened.
One of the insights I had was......when you have worry, fear, anxiety you will not have HOPE that what you want or desire will be. therefore, HOPE does become very important.
My suggestion today is take a look at your HOPE quotient. HOPE is the beginning of creating. Then you go from HOPE to KNOWING. Are there goals, aspirations or anything else you desire that you need to take into KNOWING it will be real for you?
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