Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inner Light

I was doing a major cleanup on my office - throwing away old papers, vacuuming etc when I came across a poem (prose) which I wrote for a talk I did at the Celebration Centre here in Penticton last year.  It does not have a date on it, but I do remember it was Fall last year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it. I thought it was a good reminder.

Inner Light
We stand and look outside to rain or sunshine
But do we stop to look inside ---

Deep, deep. deep within a spark, a light resides
Look down within as far as you can
Find it, breathe into it and you will understand!

This light is life --- love all there is --- connection to the one!

This light residing so deep inside wants breath to reside
inside in joy, peace and most of all . . .

To reflect the mighty one in life complete
and totally free to BE!

You are the light - the light of love -
A breath, a recognition of life in the flame
that resides deep within.

Norma Cowie
250 490 0654

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