Monday, August 09, 2010

Home Alone

Finally, home alone!  No visitors, no more travelling for awhile. Just home alone. I love it when people come and stay, I love it when I show people around, but I truly love just being home alone, by myself, doing what I want when I want.
I left Calgary and drove southward on Hwy 2 to Hwy 3. I stopped near Pincher Creek to top up the gas for the car (after all it is cheaper in Alberta) and then drove through the Crowsnest Pass. Its been alot of years since I drove that way, and after coming through Hwy I (Banff) with its towering mountains the Crowsnest seems small and an easy way to go. I drove to Cranbrook, where I stopped at WalMart (where else) to visit the facilities plus do a little shopping and then over the parking lot to Penningtons where they had a wonderful sale on, so bought a few tops for next to nothing. I made myself my shake lunch and then off to Trail where I was staying with Eleanor for a couple of nights.
Eleanor kindly gave up her bed for me, and it was like sleeping in the Arabian Nights story. Lovely curtains (with lace even) all around. Oh yes, we visited an Italian Resturant which I have eaten at before and has lots of food, which necessitated taking some back to Eleanor's.  Saturday loomed and we went for a drive around the area visiting a fruit market and seeing the places Eleanor had grown up plus a look at the hospital lab where she works.  Then, the surprise was a wedding. Eleanor had been invited to a wedding so I 'crashed' the wedding.  Then we went for a wonderful wedding dinner with loads of salads and spoke with the lady across the table from me, who I knew was also a fellow life traveller. Interesting day.
Sunday, saw me back on the road home, stopping at Osoyoos and having lunch with Suzanne who was lonley as her husband has been back east for several weeks. It was a great stop and then HOME!
Maureen who has been watering my plants had the yard looking wonderful (even better than I do) so I was pleased with that, and the inside was as tidy as when I left it. Something I have learned to do - leave it tidy so when you arrrive road weary the place is welcoming.
Today I'm catching up with myself, and have a meeting in an hour. But wanted to catch everyone up with me being back home, alone and now getting ready for the next few weeks of getting caught up with paperwork.
Its interseting how when you are driving with only yourself and your mind that you figure out all the things you can do, need to do and 'should' do. I have a mental list quite long, which will keep me busy. Mostly its about getting ready for the two intensives coming up this fall. So the next few weeks will be involved with getting those in action.
Right outside my window is my bird feeder, and the little sparrows are having a great time getting their heads in the holes and eating. Maureen must have filled it since I left as it was full last night and no only one third is left so more bird feed will need to be put in. Sometimes I seem the most wonderfully colored birds, unfortunately I still have not learned all the names. A bigger, darker bird has just come up and most of the little ones are flittering around but not landing. 
It will be good to be back into some semblance of order and quiet again. I'm reading a Star Wars book right now....a new one, which does not belong to any series but is based on an internet game. I ordered it by mistake, but its really exciting, so I'm enjoying it.
You have a great day!
PS  Hope to go see a movie tomorrow, so a new movie review coming up - remember:
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