Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Contracts, Oaths, Vows & Akashic Records.

As you are aware, if you read this blog regularly, I have been studying the Yuen Method as a compliment to my Soul/Source Connection Work. Since the beginning of the year I have so enjoyed amalgamating the two techniques (which were not that different). What has happened for me, is a much quicker, faster, effective releasing of issues for people. 
Because I am who I am, I have added my own 'stuff' to what I check. Lately, as I have had the privilege of working with several people who, obvious to me, had done quite a bit of clearing and bang, very quickly I was into my own Soul/Source Connection work. I find that being able to clear utilizing the Yuen reference leads to the deeper more complex aspects which I have worked with for years.
It is great in these last few weeks to once more clearing Contracts, Oaths and Vows, plus Akashic Records. I even had an authentic self emerge the other day, and its been awhile since I integrated one of those into a person's energy field is was enjoyable to do it again.
Some people wonder at the difference of contracts, oaths and vows and the understanding I have come to over the years is contracts is where you have actually put a signature on a document of some kind. Somewhere in time and space you or someone else signed a document. Those documents - contracts have not been cancelled and still operate to this day. ie you were sold into slavery as a child. Someone sold you and made a mark or signed on a contract. Today, you wonder why you never seem to be able to stand up for yourself. In fact you may feel powerless whenever someone of authority (to you) tells you to do something. Clear the contract and you have space to be able to make a different response. That can be freedom.
Oaths on the other hand, come in different shapes and sizes. They are words said with feeling. I have found many oaths when people are pledging allegiance to a family, to an army or country. On the other hand I have found oaths where people have cursed the earth, the sky, other people (like a curse). The later oaths, especially towards God, the earth, the weather I have found can have had a profound affect on the person's relationship with the planet itself. Once oaths are cleared and the energy of the past life in which it occurred is gone, the person is more relaxed and has life work for them.
Vows always seem to come from a religious connotation and the person is going into service. Vows of celibacy, poverty, service, silence, all have had an affect on this lifetime. Vows totally need to be released to allow in joy, abundance, love, sexual enjoyment (even conceiving children) or the ability to speak to people easily. Releasing these vows again with the past life or lives will make a tremendous difference in the person's life.
Then comes the Akashic Records and I have written on this before, as how interestingly different topics they are. They appear to me as titles on a page. These titles are sometimes so difficult to understand, but I tune in and discover what exactly it refers to. Self forgiveness is the key to clear and release these recorded pages. I have also found very often that there are two Akashic  Records which need clearing and they can have the opposite perspectives.
For instance this last week, I had a client who had two Akashic Records to clear. One of them was 'Love Is Pain'.  This is a person who has trouble with emotions, feelings and relationships. Upon looking at the scene where this came from, I saw a young woman, holding a baby in her arms, while her husband was boarding a sailing ship to sail away and not come back. Hence the blame towards the husband and herself with the belief that 'Love Is Pain'. Upon seeing this scene, I pointed out that Love was painful - separation was painful. That separation from the source - God - leads to pain - not Love. Once the self forgiveness prayer was said (I have them say out loud after me if they are with me in person or on the phone. If they are not there, then I do it myself as their emissary.) When the page disappears before my eyes then I know the forgiveness is done.
In the client's session, the second Akashic Record was on which was labelled 'Possessions are Mine' and all I could feel was greed, gluttony and ownership of possessions. Here I saw a merchant man, large in size and surrounded by all sorts of objects of art, statues, everything materially. It as like he could not get enough, enough food, enough possessions. Here the need was to forgive for feeling Love could be found in food, material possessions etc. Again once the forgiveness prayer was done, then the page disappeared and all was in order.
The client said when the session was over (there was other aspects released too) that she felt really good and clear and that what I had said during the session had given her so much understanding as to why her life was like it is.
My heart is full when I'm able to aid people in clearing these old, time worn, contracts, oaths, vows and Akashic Records, as I know their lives will be different from that day forth. Finding the inner peace and happiness which we all desire and want.
At this moment I give thanks for being shown how to access the information and have the ability to be able to be of service.
For a moment take a second and think about your life ... ask "what contacts, oaths, vows or akashic records do I have that are affecting my life." You may be surprised by the answer.
Have a great day!

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