Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall has come or Where is Late Summer?

I'm sitting here with Glee music blaring in the background, still feeling warm inside from seeing Going the Distance (see other blog http://www.moviereviewswithnormacowie.blogspot.com/) last night. But again waking up to gray clouds, and its the middle of September.  Oh my, where has my late summer gone. The only thing I like about this, which I hate to say is ... I can work in my office anytime night or day. (when it is really hot, even with the fan going, the swamp cooler flat out, its a little stuffy) whereas right now the furnace is going to keep my place from being too damp.
Yesterday was finally, the final of the US Open (Tennis) and I finally got to see Nadal win his first US Open. It was a great match - not one sided which sometimes finals can become.
to get in my exercise I went for a walk along Okanagan Lake (usually I'm along Skaha Lake) in the dark, but they have lights along the path, which was great otherwise I would not be able to see where I was stepping. You could hear the lake lapping away in the dark. I did this between visiting a friend who has ended up in hospital after a horrendous fall, breaking lots of bones and going to the movie. I really like to get my walk in every day if possible, although with the Tennis Match being delayed 2 hours in the middle because of rain not mentioning the day delay (it was supposed to be played Sunday afternoon). Managed to get most of what I needed to be done.  Oh yes it was a 'cleansing' day too.  That means no 'real food' only the liquid stuff I drink on those days (once a week).  But too many cookies, ice cream and other goodies, because not one oz less than last week.  My fault .... late night snacking is catching up with me again. I must break that habit it has creeped back in.  I have found if I keep myself busy I'm OK. So out comes the knitting again.  Mind you the evenings are cooler so its easy to begin to knit once more.
Well thats enough rambling for now.
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