Friday, January 01, 2010

Goals for 2010

Have you set your goals yet for 2010. Usually New Years Day is the day I set aside to do this. Years ago I was in a workshop presented by Marc Victor Hansen (before the Chicken Soup Days) and he mentioned creating 101 goals. One reason was the subconscious was large and needed lots to do.....well when I first began to write my 101 goals I found it difficult, and then I realized it was because I was not specific enough. I also did not stretch myself enough, I did not think big enough. I became used to thinking more specific, bigger and imaginative. Therefore the challenge is 101 goals for 2010.
Another important fact I came to see as I reviewed my goals was the ones which came into being, sometimes through unexpected circumstances, was the ones I had decided to have happen.
This often meant to did something, which set the energy ball rolling, to begin it. Once I realized that I went through my 101 goals and sorted out the 10 main goals and committed myself to them. Of course the unexpected happened, and sometimes goals I did not concentrate on came into being and even more often other opportunities which were not on my list came in.
Still all in all, the ones I decided and were committed too were the ones which definitely showed up in my life.
Therefore, do the same, go over your list, decide what you truly want and are truly committed too and do what needs to be done. As I say in my book Secrets for Living Happily, take the first step. Ah, the First Step Principle, one I work with every day in my life.
Onward into or tomorrow my list will be made (that's because I'm off to an afternoon workshop within 3 hours and I'm busy catching up on my blog and emails).

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