Monday, January 11, 2010

George Clooney's Up In The Air - movie review

Saturday was a real long movie day. Myself and two other ladies drove 1 1/2 hours to go see Avatar in was just as good the third time as the first and so glad I've finally seen it in 3D. Then we came home, joined in with our 'movie group' went to supper (8 of us) and then George Clooney (10 of us). Oh yes, one of the husbands is brave enough to come with us 'gaggle' of women.
Up in the Air, nominated for six golden globes. Naturally I had to see it if it was in our local four screen theatre and I wasn't disappointed. To me it was a social comment movie, with a lot of laughs. Jason Reitman who co-wrote it, co-produced it with his Dad Ivan, and directed it, most certainly took what is happening, particularly in the U.S. and put it right out there for us to see. Interestingly we laughed. Deep down though, we all know it is not funny to live a life without personal connection, and then when you do find it, you find it cannot lead to anything deeper.
Plus the way our society is becoming addicted to computer screens which although it did not show you being hired it certainly showed how you can get fired. Imagine getting fired from a job from a person miles away through a computer screen. Is that truly the way of the future, hiring and firing through a computer - having no personal connections or sensitivity at all. I think Jason has done an admirable job for us to take a breath and look at our society and what we are becoming.
Through it all, I laughed often....and after a busy day of driving, seeing Avatar in 3D (wow) I was happy to sit and enjoy! 3 1/2 stars out of 5.
Also....finally a person who did not enjoy Avatar. My daughter and her husband. Lots of criticisms, especially the war bit. I said "did you not read my blog - I said there if you did not like war movies do not see this movie". Obviously she did not read my blog.....again warning, if you do not like war scenes do not see Avatar. I you can endure them, love visuals and the idea of the earth goddess in action - go see it, if you haven't already.
Blessings to you all!
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Blessings to you all!
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