Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New learning, new ideas, new products

What a New it is only the 20th and I cannot believe what seems to be happening. On New Years Day I went to a four hour introductory workshop of the Yuen Method. Since then I have been working with it. It goes so well with my soul/source work. It has shortened the time I spend, plus I believe takes me into aspects which I was not 'hitting' before. So I've been working with friends, clients and you name it to check out how it works and if it holds etc. I know I certainly have experienced the benefits for myself.
I know this is a five personal year for me, but already I seem to watch what is going on and I don't get spread out too thin.
I'm off in February to Calgary to take Level one of the Yuen Method to add to my knowledge base.
Then last night I was out to a most delightful Italian Dinner with three friends and one of them had just returned from Vancouver with a new product - a zero point energy wand - so she wanded our food, drink etc. While the other three went on about how wonderful the wine was (the non drinker/driver me did not partake of the wine) but what I noticed was this: first the water was smooth as silk to drink and second the most important of all, my vegetables tasted wonderful and I wanted more. Now that may not mean much to you, but I'm just not a vegetable eater and here I was wanting more. So I'm going to hold an informative evening/afternoon here very soon. Apparently there is a lemon test .... I want to experience that for sure. My friend said when wanded the lemons tasted more like grapefruit. I'm sure you will here more about this product. Oh yes, the company (networking of course) has a rejuvenation cream.....ah all three of us (2 of us 65) thought that was wonderful. I'm really waiting for that product to be available in Canada. Coming soon I hope.
In the meantime, I'm visiting the sunbed three times a week to lay a base for my trip to New Zealand which is getting closer by the week. The sun is quite hot there, so I'm getting myself slightly brown so I don't buirn. Plus I'm using lots of cream on my face, but this zero point energy cream simply has to work on the falling face.
Back to the Yuen method for a moment, as that really has my fancy. I'm presently offering 15 min complimentary sessions (can upgrade to 1/2 hour for $45.00) which means I can transform, release, neutralize, correct (whatever you want to call it) one thing in the 15 minutes or 3 in 30min for you. Let me know if you are interested. Good until Feb 15th. (Then I'm away in Calgary learning more and then NZ for 3 weeks). Next week is filling up with people wanting to see how it works. So far results and comments have been good.
I have made a few sales of my new meditation far the feed back has been good. Makes me feel nice to hear that.
Well thats the news, I'm seeing clients, teaching my intensive (the students did great!!! at their psychic practicum reading Tarot Cards, drawing auras, crystal ball, stones and buttons. I'm very proud of them. Plus they are all transforming before my eyes. Plus Wednesday meditation continues (on tonight), Thursday night is now Choir here practising for our Sunday Celebration Service. I find that a lot of fun. This Saturday I do my first of two psychic parties, next Friday I also have a channeling night then the second psychic party on Saturday. Life is good!!!!
Oh yes, this Sunday afternoon six of us (all friends) are traveling north to hear Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon for the afternoon . So life is busy with fun as well as work.
Enjoy your day!
Norma Cowie
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