Friday, January 01, 2010

Movie review - Nine

While in Vancouver I went with my daughter to see Nine. We had wanted to see Avatar, but it was sold out, and she had wanted to see Nine so we did.
Nine is an art piece. The lighting and the editing truly got to me....I often find the editing of a movie goes unnoticed, but as a movie goer, I watch for it, as a great editor makes the difference. I have no idea who edited this movie, but he 'should' be nominated for an Oscar.
Anyway - the movie - the dance scenes, phenomenal, especially if you like large sets and dancing, which I do. Daniel Day-Lewis, as usual, is phenomenal as the main man (in fact pretty well the only man) surrounded by these beautiful wonderful woman actors. Both Fergie and Kate Hudson's dance numbers I could watch over and over (especially Fergie's.). Unfortunately, perhaps because she was not available for the press junket, she has not received too much notice, but she was great. In fact they were all great. Each one from Sophia Loren to Nicole Kidman played the part they needed too.
If you want to see a movie with great acting, wonderful dancing, and phenomenal lighting and editing this is it. I give it 3 stars (perhaps 3 1/2 can't quite make up my mind.)
Mind you I'm still committed to Avatar.
Now I'm waiting for the snow to go so I can go to Kelowna to see Avatar in 3D.
I see Sherlock Holmes is playing locally -- so perhaps that will be seen late tomorrow.
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