Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sherlock Holmes - movie review

Just got in from seeing Sherlock Holmes. I did not know if I had really wanted to see this movie, but there was nothing else to go see and a friend and I wanted to go see a movie - so off we went to the late afternoon show.
I'm so glad I went. I laughed, I was intrigued, I was entertained. Yes, the best way of stating it was I was entertained. Again, I liked the editing. Boy am I ever an editor fan. Never remember the names of them, but I sure do watch for their skill.
Criticisms are....there were times Downey spoke so fast I could not catch the words. I know that is the character, but really, we do need to understand what he said. Second one, was although, as a Canadian and I truly love her beautiful looks, I thought Rachael McAdams was a bit (perhaps a lot) to young for the part she played. Here you have Holmes middle aged, ragged around the edges, although great perception, and here is this young, beautiful, flawless faced woman who is supposed be have been 'around'. No, that did not wash or take with me. Loved her though as herself.
Therefore I would recommend if you want to be entertained, then go see Sherlock Holmes, you can recognize Guy Ritchie's style, and I think he did it well. I have not mentioned Jude Law yet, he was a wonderful the chemistry between Downey and Jude - great!!!!
It looks like there could be sequels and I will be there.
All in all 31/2 out of 5.

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