Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end of Decade

I find it hard to realize, as I sit here, that within 1 1/2 hours it will be a New Year and the beginning of a new decade. As I look back over the last ten years I cannot believe (hardly) what I went through, the losses, grandchild, career, monies, relationships and realizing the new beginnings, career reigniting, moving to Penticton being the biggest highlights having a new granddaugher and step greatgrandson also up there. Turning 60 five years ago and having some of my family come to celebrate was wonderful. One of the early signs my life was turning around.
As a person who practices living in the now I don't find it easy to remember all the things which happened, highlights of one kind or another, but I did have a period of 2 1/2 years where nothing went right at all. But from that I reemerged in a whole different way and I'm much happier now than I have been for years.
My work, especially my soul/source connection sessions bring me tremendous satisfaction, my intensive students as I watch them come into their own power and begin creating what they truly want. My weekly meditation drop in group brings great satisfaction and balance into my life. Life is good. And when I do get to see my family my heart gets warmed.
Tonight, as I get ready for the New Year, I look back at the last few days, flying to Vancouver on Christmas Day to spend time with my family, I realize how relaxed and at ease I am after those five days. I was so tired, and now I'm feel I'm ready to face the new year. Thanks family, you restored me.
Tomorrow, Day 1 of the New Year I'm attending a workshop - what a wonderful way to begin a new year. Learning about me - what could one want.
Yes, the last decade will be gone in 1 hour 15min, and I remember ten years ago, hosting a major meditation evening in White Rock to welcome the new millenium. There had been oppostition, at the last minute, because one of the board members of the Catholic Church Hall in which it was held found out I read Tarot Cards. Horror of horror, and this was a meditation evening, nothing to do with the Tarot. Luckily a priest intervened and we were allowed to go ahead.....over 100 people had paid $10.00 each (which was donated to the Womens Centre and Food Bank). What stress though. I remember how my back was so sore and rigid, but we got through and it was great.
What a difference ten years make. Tonight I celebrated with friends at a pot luck supper and we were all contented. Snow falling, which made sure I did not stay too long......but it was super pleasant. No stress at all.
Happy New Decade.....

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