Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pride - the Movie

After seeing the movie Pride I came away with a warm feeling inside, feeling pride within. This is a wonderful movie for all to see. Yes it is about a poor black community in the 1970's. Yes it is a rags to riches (so to speak) story. We have seen the theme of a sports undog team making good before, but we have not seen a swim team and the wonder of this movie is that it is good. It is well acted. I laughed, I cried, I felt tension, I felt happy. To me it delivered everything and more I want in a movie. So often you go to a movie and it is entertaining, but contains no meat. This movie has inner meat. It has meaning, it has power. If you are wanting to see a movie which gives you a feeling of pride, a feeling of hope and as the movie states, Pride, Determination and Resilance, I for one got the message and I believe you would too. It is a message for everyone. Go see Pride. I would love this movie to do well. It deserves it. It will be one I will add to my collection.
Norma Cowie

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