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Movie Review - Letters from Juliet

To say I was disappointed in this movie is to say I'm disappointed that I have to say it. I was. I was expecting the romantic movie, what I sat through was hardly any romance at all. But lets go through it. There are two stories here (or maybe three). First there is Amanda Seyfied who is Sofie, who is on holiday with her fiance - having an early honeymoon (something I did once and that marriage did not last so don't recommend that action). Anyway, they are in Vernona and he is more interested in meeting his suppliers for his new restaurant and her so off he goes. She is left to sight see.
Actually I've been and seen the Juliet balcony, and I liked the visual of seeing it again. Sophie finds the ladies who are the Secretary to Juliet, and every night, they collect letters which have been left under Juliet's balcony and reply to them. (I don't remember seeing letters - but perhaps that is the storyline, although I'm sure now people will go and post them).
Sophie with time on her hands joins the ladies at collecting the letters and discovers one from 50 years previously. She writes to Clare, Vanessa Redgrave.
Next thing, a young Englishman is at the door of the restaurant where the woman work and now the movie begins. This is the first point I'm confused. She only has a few days by herself, but the letter has time to get to England and for the grandson (the young man) and his grandmother Clare (Vanessa Redgrave) to return to Vernona. Oh well, the power of movie time.
They begin a journey to discover her lost love. This is where the movie breaks down. They go visit Alorenzo (not sure of the man's spelling) after Alorenzo, to the point you say 'all right already' I get the picture. Then right near the end of the movie they finally find him. Yeah!!!
Well by this time you are bored and wondering if ever he will show up and you know he will, for me I was sentimental as I believe the person playing the lost love, was Vanessa's original love/husband (I believe they were married for a while). That touched my romantic heart. I always remembered his beautiful blue eyes, and yes they were still there.
Anyway, the love story was supposed to happen between Sophie and Charlie (is that his name?) while they were searching for Alorenzo.
I thought this is where the movie failed dismally. There should have been more scenes between the two of them, glances at each other does not cut it, one kiss does not make falling in love, it just lacked pizazz. My romantic soul was not touched at all. Even at the end when she leaves her finance and goes back to Italy for the wedding of the older couple and meets back with 'whats his name' I'm not taken in. Good on you, you got the guy.
I was sorry this movie did not reach its potential.....
2 out of 5.

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