Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home with a different car!

Finally, back in my own bed! What an interesting journey the last couple of days have been. As my last post (not the movie reviews) said, my car was in the garage waiting for a transmission. Well, Tuesday I got the news that another part was needed, which was not made anymore and that the part from a second hand place in Surrey would take at least two days to get there. This put everything into a different light, as I needed to get home by Thursday at the latest.
Then Richard, the garage man said something which made sense to me "why are you paying all this money to repair a car which needs even more work, when you could buy another?" Why indeed. Well I hang onto things I love, I loved that car, I did not think I could get a car which would be good enough for the dollars I have saved, etc, etc, etc. Richard told me he had a 1994 Infinity in good shape, driven by a Doctors wife which I could have.
I phoned my tow truck Angel - Chris and asked him what he knew about the car. After all, who else did I know in Calgary. Deanne was out and about and I was unsure. Chris said he would go over and check it out for me. It just happened to be his day off (can you imagine that). Anyway he phoned back, said he made an appointment for 5.20pm to go look at it.
Deanne was home by then, so off we went through traffic and made it there for 5.40. We had to wait even longer, but eventually, Richard drove the Black Infinity from the back and Deanne, him and I went for a test drive. It drove just fine, and the price he told me I could have it for was what the repair job was going to cost. I said fine, I would be back in the morning (he said 10.00am) to settle it all up.
Wednesday arrived, and Deanne drove me there, and we could see very quickly that nothing was going to proceed fast. What a busy business. They have an Import Repair Shop. His wife, Natalie works the front, while Richard runs the repairs with 4 or 5 other mechanics. Busy, busy, busy. I thought I was busy, watching Natalie handle, phones, people walking in, mechanics coming in with this and that, and Richard on the phone, stating this and that, and trying all the time to get everything ready for me. I was impressed, especially when she told me she had a four and a two year old at home.
She said she would love to stay home with the kids but she knew no one else could handle all of 'this' easily. She would be right, plus as she said its my business too. Deanne after waiting for 1/2 hour said "I'll go and do what I need to do". I agreed and off she went, and I did not get to see her again, as by the time I got back to her place to pick up my bags and have something to eat before hitting the road home, she had gone to help someone else - delivering them to the airport. She is a wonderful woman - another Angel.
Anyway, finally we (Richard and me) got to go to where my car was, get my stuff, tables, chairs etc which was in the trunk, transferred into the new car (and thankfully the trunk handled everything well). Then back to his place to complete the paper work. He had put in a new battery, new wipers (thank goodness as the last hour of my trip home was done in pouring rain) and given it an oil change.
Off I went. After my visit to Deanne's I was off, in rain - home. It was 2pm B.C. time. I took it fairly easy (the speed limit) for the majority of the way. I stopped at Golden for a brief moment to get some water and bathroom break and again at Sicamous for a bathroom break, and then in Westbank for gas. Other than that it was drive, drive. The car went really well, but the highlight was seeing A BLACK BEAR, slowly walking across the road. It came out just before the car in front of me, who saw it and then me, and then a car behind me. We all pulled over and watched, unfortunately, I could not get my camera out quick enough to take a shot. I would say, as there were no babies it was a male bear looked fully grown, but still quite young. Maybe 2 years old.
After I gassed up in Westbank it began to rain, and it rained, poured down, so without high beams it was hard to see. So instead of driving 90 to 100ks I was driving around 65. But I made it, around 10.45 I pulled into my yard, so glad to see my home waiting for me, all nicely cleaned inside from Christobelle & Mike who had been staying there before I went away.
Home sweet home. Now Jenny (she named herself on the way home) sits in the frontyard waiting to go for an inspection, so I can transfer her papers from Alberta to B.C.
And life goes on.....went walking.....having a cleansing day, which I missed on Tuesday, and making appointments. Life is good.
Have fun, you never know what is around the corner, and/or what Angels in human form are there to help you.

Norma Cowie
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