Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Movie Review - Iron Man II

Hi I'm a bit late with this review as it was a week ago Saturday that I went to see it with two friends. We had been in a workshop all day and I know I needed to go do something different and they who were staying with me agreed to come along.
I thought I had seen Iron Man I, but I soon realised I had not. So the characters were all new to me. I had to pick up the story line fast (after all its a sequel and you are supposed to know what happened before). Although I keep reading how people love this movie, and I even had a lady before me in line in Calgary preorder six tickets for it as she had loved it and wanted her family to come see it, I wonder what the hype is really all about.
I go to see movies because I want something to inspire, educate or entertain me. I found myself half way through this movie wondering why I was there. Now I'm a person who can watch the blow 'em up fight 'em out typically known as guy movies with the best of them, but I found myself thinking, this has no meaning at all. The one thing that saved this movie for me was the humor. I found myself laughing. Jon Favreau, I believe wrote it or cowrote it and directed it. He is as far as I'm concerned the hero of the day. His humor saved the movie. Otherwise all this destruction by big machines (and remember I loved transformers one and two but they had personalities) and Mickey Roourke with his whips did not mean much except revenge. Of course Robert Downey Jr is always great and played his part, but the role did not give him the fullness of range he is capable of.
So to me, besides the humor which I believe saves this movie I can't say Hey you must go see this movie. 2 1/2 stars out of 5.

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