Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Movie Review - Robin Hood

I loved Robin Hood. I want to see it again - soon! I found I enjoyed every aspect of it. I loved the correctness of the historical times, I loved the acting (especially knowing two Canadians were part of the merry men - not to be biased) and Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett did their usual great acting jobs.
What I find interesting is how the media, or what I have read of it, seem to want to take this movie apart. What on earth are they talking about. Do they have a personal vendetta or something? This movie has everything in it. It has drama it talks about honor, loyalty and growth as human beings, about how power corrupts and its a love story I cried in this movie (forever the romantic). The magnificent Ridley Scott's panoramic views of the beaches, were awe inspiring, and if you haven't seen the white cliffs of dover, or the White Horse on the Hill then you were in for a visual treat. The fighting scenes were intense, but true. That's how war is, especially in those old days. I loved the thought of the orphan kids on their donkeys joining in, wanting to prove themselves. Yes, the honor and valor of the times was definitely front and foremost.
Arrows through the neck may have been once too much, but heh, you want to prove people can shoot well with arrows.
If you like period pieces, and you can watch war scenes with blood, and you want to see how men can grow as people and know how loyalty, trust and valor need to be recognized more today than ever, then go see Robin Hood.
I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.
(I would have 5 out 5, but the one too may arrows through the neck brings it to 4 1/2.)
Enjoy it!!!!

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