Friday, May 07, 2010

Busy as a Bee!

Yesterday a friend came to visit and said to me, "you must have been really busy as you have not posted anything on your blog". And she was right. The last few weeks I have been as busy as a bee without any time to write anything, or if I had time I was just tired and rested.
It seems lots has happened since I last posted where I had left my wallet at home before heading off to Kelowna needing gas for the car. (Do you know I nearly did it again - but remembered the wallet in time).
I have been fortunate with having a lot of clients coming to see me in the days I have been home, and at the same time that does not leave me a lot of time for catching up on paperwork and or my blog. Plus I have been invited to put my movie reviews onto another site, and have not had the time to get that organized -- but that will change soon I'm sure, as when June arrives I am home for most of the summer.
The weekend of April 23rd thru 26th was the Spring Festival of Awareness at Naramata. I been attending this weekend for some years now, and always enjoy it. I'm fortunate enough that I am able to present one or two workshops and that always warms my heart. This time I spoke on The Inner Ghosts (my inner child subject - book Connecting to the Light) and my usual Past Life Regression (book - Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them). Both workshops were well attended which is what I like. Lots of people. It is always a place to meet up with old friends and catch up with the news.
Then right after the Festival, I began a new cleansing program (for me) called IsaGenix (its been around since early 2000's). I bought a 30 day program, as my friend June Hope had found it was working for her and she still had energy (which I need due to my schedule right now). So having 2 shakes a day, one meal plus lots of water, snacks and chocolate (yes chocolate) I was into the rhythm while getting ready to go to the Vernon Body & Soul Wellness Expo. A two day event. So friend Marion picked me up early Saturday morning and we drove the 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive to Vernon, set up our booths and began - she was there on behalf of Issues Magazine, Johnsons Landing Retreat Centre plus the two weekends Issues sponsers, the Spring Festival of Awareness and Wise Woman Weekend (which happens 3rd weekend of September). I was doing Tarot Card Readings and had my books, cds and dvds there).We stayed the night and then after the Expo we drove back home. I had a successful expo, doing lots of readings and spoke 1/2 hour on the Tarot. An enjoyable weekend.
Home for a regular food day (shakes plus one meal) day Monday and then my first actual full cleanse day (no food) Tuesday. It when quite well for me although around 4pm I really wanted some food, so had one of the chocolates, and managed the day. Wednesday, I got up, stood on the scale and found I had actually dropped 13 lbs. That was inspiring. I expected maybe 10 as usually that is what you can drop the first week of a new program. So now waiting till next Wednesday to see what has happened. I picked Tuesday as my cleanse day (drinking lots of vitamins and minerals four times a day) plus water, plus some approved snacks - no food though because in the coming weeks I'm going to be travelling on Monday.
This weekend coming I'm reauding the Yuen Method Level One here in Penticton. I am hosting in my house several people.
Mike is already staying with me, as his wife Christobelle is in hospital here with her knee replacement and will probably come back here and stay when she gets let out of hospital. then Mary arrived from the island yesterday afternoon as she is taking the course and this afternoon Cathy from Kamloops area is coming to also take the course. Mike has the spare room, Mary is on the chesterfield, and I'm off to buy a blow up mattress for Cathy. (I have been wanting to get one for times like this).
Next Thursday I'm off to Calgary for the weekend to take Level 3 in the Yuen Method. So yes, I'm still quite busy, but today truly was the first day that I am able to take my time without appointments or being somewhere at a certain time on my mind. I still have a list though.
Right now the sun is shining, and I'm getting through some of the bits and pieces which need doing.
You enjoy your life!!!

Norma Cowie
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