Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sun is shining & I'm driving

Hi: today was a more 'normal' day. I slept quite well, waking up at 4am, but going back to sleep until 7.30 ... this makes it easier as I did not need a sleep this afternoon and 'should' be able to go to sleep normal time today. I drove my little car, down to the local town. My sister in law Jan came with me and she had me go here and there and I did fine. Only made the window wipers go three times (remember the clicker is on the opposite side, so you use your right hand not your left). I thought that was pretty good going. Then I drove my brother Malcolm and Jan in another direction to get a phone set up for me, so now I have a cell phone to use while I'm here. I even have a number 0212576310. So if anyone one wants to phone me they can. There is a magic number you can use from Canada, only cost you a dollar. You dial 1015565, then 011 64 212576 310 and guess what it will ring and hopefully I can answer it. That is because like us, they have a rule, no talking on cells while driving and of course I do not have blue tooth connection. But it will help me keep in touch with family, friends while I'm down here and drive from place to place. Oh yes, if you do phone remember I'm 3 hours behind in 'real time' although I'm a day ahead.
Then this afternoon I sat outside in the sun, enjoying the view, the green water (Pearl Jan's Mum says its blue, (she is 93) I say its green - must be the sun glasses) and the 'peace' even though there are cars going along the road all the time. But here is a little like summer heaven. Although the clouds coming in look like it could rain tonight. But being in shorts and a top sitting in the sun (most of the time under the shade so I don't get too burnt) was heaven.
Tomorrow I'm off down island to my sister Beryl's. Not sure when I will get to a computer, but heh I'm sure I'll find one.
Now, off to 'wand' Malcolm's foot, Jan's leg, and Pearl's neck. They are all having improvement. Me....trying to study my Yuen Level one book and notes, but have my nose in a book Malcolm gave me. I'll get there, still lots of time. Enjoying it all.
My great niecs and nephews were over (3 of them 6 3 and nearly 2) what chaos/noise and fun. Nothing like family!!!
Lots of love to everyone, thanks for the emails, so far I've been reading them easily, but the next few days will not have access. I think I will take the note off saying I'm away, that must be annoying to get.

Norma Cowie
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