Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week of retrospect

Hi: I had my whole blog for today complete, spell checking it when all of a sudden it was gone, and I was out back at my emails. Goodness knows what happened, so now you will get an abbreviated form of what I said.
After being home a week, as I look back I rejoice in the thoughts of my family and friends who I spent time with. I only wish I was able to get back more often and who knows if I DECIDE that I'm sure I can make that happen.
I remember the beautiful scenery, the greens of the countryside, the native bush, the wonderful colors of the ocean. Then I also remember the beautiful sunrise as I was picking up my rental car just after arriving, stopping in the parking lot to take the beauty of it in. Then as I was leaving sitting in the airport through the window watching the sunset. Sun rising when I arrived, sun setting when I left, how appropriate.
I still have not downloaded my photos into the computer as yet, but its on my long list of things to get done. It seems since I got back, catching up, seeing clients every day (which will continue until Sunday) and I leave on my next two week adventure to Alberta on Monday that most of my extra time is utilized getting ready although I have two lunches with friends slotted in. Plus I still have to have my down time. Although most of that will be spent binding books in the next few days.
I will be busy making up books. Ensuring for instance I have enough of "Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them" as I have four Past Life Regression Workshops in three weeks, so books, plus CD's which are being duplicated right now need to be there.
As I leave this abbreviated blog today, I'm enjoying the beautiful Spring weather and hope to get outside for a wee while in the garden -- only time will tell if that is achieved today.
Enjoy your day

Norma Cowie
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Linda Diane Taylor said...

Appreviated or not.. love to hear of your adventure. Sunny and bright.. love you.. Linda