Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back in Auckland for the final week

Yesterday, I drove back up to my brothers place in Red Beach (north of Auckland). On the way I dropped off my niece Sheryl & her husband Melville at the airport as they were on their way to see their daughter Sandra in Brisbane, Australia. Its always surprising how many of my family head off to Australia so easily whereas in my younger days it was a 'big' trip to undertake. Next Saturday, the day before I leave, Sheryl's sister Joanne & her husband Murray are off to Melbourne to see their daughter Casey play netball. They are only having a quick trip.
I last recorded here while I was in Whitianga at my niece's Raewyn's place. That's all three sisters mentioned right at the beginning of this post. I cannot tell you how beautiful the view is from Rae's place. I could have spent a week there just looking at the view and resting. As mentioned before the water here changes color. Dark blue, light blue, green. Green is my favorite color and out in the bay, as the sun was shining lovely and hot the bay looked lovely and green.
I did some shopping (when don't I when I'm here) and we rested, and watched the DVD Julia/Julie, which I had already seen twice when it came out, but enjoyed it just as much again. Then it was the drive back to my sisters. Again over the twisting winding road with a one way bridge and then back into the Waikato area (farming).
We stopped and visited with my cousin John who has studied the genealogy of my Father's side and caught up on new information. This would mean that I now have been updated by two cousins (from different sides) of the family connections going back several generations. Naturally all in England/Scotland areas. Seeing NZ and Australia were the colonies and people came out for various reasons. I often think about how it must have been for them. They left England on ships which took months to get to this part of the world, knowing they would not be going back and never seeing their family and friends ever again.
When I think of how many times I have been back visiting over the years, plus visits from my brother, nieces and nephews and once my sister. I do attempt to come back every three to five years to keep up with the family if possible.
Once back at my sisters in Matamata, I just visited more family and then a friend came up from Hastings to visit and spent two nights with us. Her and I took off Saturday to Hamilton, visiting markets and talking up a storm. She is a reflexologist, plus does massage and aroma therapy. She was just back from San Fran taking a course in creating personal perfumes. She will be visiting me in August before going back down to San Fran for a course. That makes me very excited. I remember years ago someone making me my own oil perfume. Can't remember when or where, but I do remember it was done.
I was sad to say goodbye to my eldest sister on Sunday morning. I had three short visits with her, and the fact is she is not well and you just never know at 85 (March 27th) how much longer she has. Perhaps a month, a week, a year or more. But who knows when its your time or when you choose to go. It was great to able to see her with my eyes again though.
My sister who I stayed with is doing just fine at 81.
I was thinking about some of the differences which you have her in NZ, and today there really is not much difference. they have many of the same chains we do: McDonalds seem to be everywhere, KFC, Subway etc. The one thing which is still quite different is they have more English TV programing than we get and 'stuff' imported from England. I managed to buy a few clothing items, but not alot, the one thing I do find is the shoes here fit my feet (wonder why?) so have one pair bought, and plan on getting another pair at least. I have looked for some new good shoes for nearly 2 years (or longer) and have not found which shoes which fit, but have one pair to bring home. Yeah!!! Seems funny getting excited about buying shoes, but truly I have a hard time finding shoes that fit my size 11 feet.
This coming week before getting on the plane next Sunday is more visiting with friends and having more family visit here next Friday and then a final Family barbeque on Saturday.
Most of my friends (excluding my childhood ones) are into healing so I look forward to having some interesting conversations, other than that, its just the usual - visit and catch up. A childhood friend of mine from Australia is also over here, so we are meeting up on Thursday to go visit a third friend. The first time we all together in 47 years. Shirley left for Australia before I left for Canada. I'm sure that will be interesting. Three of us very different women who have had very different lives. Shirley married a Dutchman and farmed outside Melbourne. I was in Canada and Lois stayed here, living close to where we grew up.
My wand is still doing its work. My brother just asked me to work on his toes. His heel (he had had an operation before my arrival) was really hurting last night, so wanded it, says its feels a lot better today, but his toe got the wand out and we will see.
Until I post again, enjoy your day, enjoy your family and friends.

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