Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last day in New Zealand

Here I am waiting till the time comes to go to the airport to get back on the plane for the 14 hour flight back to Vancouver. I still have some packing to do, but fitting five pairs of new shoes, and other purchases into the suitcases has been 'fun' to say the least. I'm sure though everything will get fitted. I will find out when I do get to the airport whether I have to pay for 'heavier' weight allowance etc.
Its been a quieter week since being here at my brothers. I have had the opportunity to visit friends for lunch, read books and generally relax. It was super great to be able to sit with two childhood friends on Wednesday. The three of us grew up close together and played field hockey together until I left for Canada. For the first time in 47 years we were all together. I had moved to
Canada, Shirley went to Australia and Lois stayed in New Zealand. We got together at 10.00am and they left here at around 3.30. You can imagine the conversation. It was a last minute decision for Shirley to come from Australia and visit. She had forgotten that I was going to be here during this time, but had put out a quick email, which I got just before I left saying she was coming over. So we managed to get together here. Lots of laughter, reminiscing and conversation. Hopefully, someday in the future we can do it again. I was thinking it would make a good novel, as the three of us - childhood friends - have had three very different lives.
I also had lunch with a person I love and respect - Claire - and it was not long enough, but even a small visit is wonderful. On the way home from visiting with her, I went shopping and bought a couple of new tops.
I also got to spend some time with a great nephew, walking along the beach (something I love to do and had not found time to do it) and have a neat conversation. I think I did most of the talking, but everyone who knows me, knows I like doing that. A true pleasant memory to take away with me.
Then Friday I spent most of the day with my two nieces. One had driven down from the north with her two children for the weekend late Thursday. We had a day of 'study', where they got to ask me questions and I answered them. Then in the afternoon I was able to practice my Yuen Method with them, as I spent time with each one clearing a block (or two) which they wanted cleared. I felt it was a productive day.
Then Friday night, we had an open house, where other members of the family, a cousin and her husband who I had not seen for a long time, a great nephew, his wife and two children, plus friends and others of the family. Lots of people to converse with.
Saturday came, and I was picked up at noon to go and speak to the Tarot Guild. This is probably the thing I am most passionate about doing. I went in without an agenda and had three hours to see what would come up and at the end the people attending (around 25) said they throughly enjoyed it. I know I did. Plus I got to use my wand for a few back aches and tuned in to see why the ache, (silent Yuen Method at the same time). A sojourn to a local pub meant some of us continued conversations. It was a totally enjoyable day and Sheri who drove me to and from was 'great'. Many were disappointed that I was leaving today, as they would have liked to have readings, but as I pointed out I can do readings for people who live anywhere. I can phone them easily and then send the copy of the reading through the email or mail a CD. Isn't this age of technology wonderful.
When I got back here yesterday, all of Malcolm and Jan's children with their children were here so a barbecue supper was had with lots of laughter and good food.
This am, all were back here and we had a barbecue breakfast. Now I'm waiting (patiently) for the time to go to the airport.
I have phoned my sister Beryl - sister Nancy is in hospital, so can't reach say goodbye and will phone when I reach my son's place......
I, as always will miss the 'beauty' of New Zealand. Although I speak about the roads and one way bridges etc, I have not mentioned the beautiful native bush which I was unable to pull over (due to the roads) to take pictures of. The wonderful color of the water and the magnificent views from many of the places. Yes, this is the country of my birth, so no matter where I am in the world I miss my family, and the beauty of the country.
Now ready to go back and enjoy the coming spring, the new schedule coming up. More of that in the coming days....
Norma Cowie
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Michele said...

Hi Norma, I would like to take this oppertunity to again thank you for coming to The Tarot Guild of Aotearoa and Yes we absolutely enjoyed your company, story telling & knowledge of Tarot. Look forward to seeing you again next time.