Saturday, April 03, 2010

Movie Review - Clash of the Titans

After spending a busy few days getting ready for my trip to Alberta (Edmonton & Calgary) plus seeing clients every day, its been super busy. Therefore I decided, since I think I have most things in hand and not that much more to do that I would go see a movie. I decided on Clash of the Titans because a couple of others I want to see I thought my friend Vida in Edmonton would like those better than this one.
I had previously listened to the movie review on Canadian AM - I rather like his reviews - and he went on about liking the original better. Well, I never did see the original, but sure did like this one. Lots of action with weird characters and such. I was not bored, in fact at one point I found myself leaning forward (and it wasn't to rest my back). I was caught up in what was happening. I think twice I buried my eyes - yes I was really caught up in the action. In arriving home I wanted to get this review out because tomorrow is finalizing the completion of things for Alberta and Monday I leave for my two week journey.
I did enjoy this movie, mind you Sam Worthington from Avatar and the last Terminator movie was in it. It seems to me he is the young Russel Crowe - as he is from Australia and in three big movies - the only one not in was Star Trek....oh yes XMen hes not in that -- yet!
If you want to be entertained with stories of Gods and Men and learn something of the mythology (of which I know a little) plus you like action and don't mind watching men dying with crazy looking creatures then go see this movie.
I give it **** stars out of 5. Good entertainment. At least from me. Its always great to see the 'bad guy' get it somehow.

Norma Cowie
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