Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Toothbrush saves the day

Hi: here I am in sunny, clear skys Edmonton, Alberta. It seemed like a long journey this time, perhaps my age is catching up with me on these long drives. The last two years I have flown here, but because I also am going to be in Calgary for the Body Soul & Spirit Expo next weekend, I thought I would drive to both the expos and visit another good friend inbetween. As I have written both here and on my Facebook page since my return home from N.Z. I was super busy with clients and getting books bound (the issue of being a self publisher) and other bits and pieces when I was finally ready to leave on Monday afternoon.
After my visit to the chiropractor, and purchasing a new phone (my other cell got itself lost somewhere in my car -- or who knows) and I need to have a cell -- plus I hated that other phone so it was a good excuse to get another one -- and I like this one, it even has a camera in it - something I did not realize when I said 'that one'. So I finally left Kelowna at 3.30pm and drove on to Golden. Now I was going to stop at Revelstoke, but when I got there I thought I'm still good, so drove on to Golden and I stayed at a motel I have stayed at before (in fact I was super impressed when they actually had me in their computer - so did not even have to fill out a card). I like this hotel, its clean, reasonably priced and it has a hot tub and pool. So went right away for a hot tub, then back to the room to watch the 2 hour show of 24.
Slept well, got up the next am and looked outside. Snow!!! But that is not where the toothbrush saved the day. As I dried my hair after my shower, I realized I had not packed my hair brush in my overnight case. Had my swimming suit and beach towel, had my toothbrush and toothpaste, (packed in a nice plastic bag) had a change of clothes - but no hairbrush. What was I going to do. I brush my hair after my daily shower and it is done (thank goodness for curly hair). Then I realized my toothbrush is a brush. So I used my toothbrush on my hair (it was before I cleaned my teeth so it was dry and brittle). It did the job! I hardly could believe it. My hair was done.
Soon my teeth were brushed, I had eaten a bit of food at the complimentary breakfast, and regardless of the snow I set off. I was so grateful I had driven onto Golden the night before, otherwise I would have had the whole Rogers Pass to drive in snow. Now I only had a shorter way to drive. Luckily trucks and other cards were on the road too, and we went slow enough that it was safe so did not panic. (It was two years ago at this time that I had the worst drive through a snow storm ever and my nerves have been a bit frayed ever since - which was why I had flown the last two years) but a couple of hours later the snow went away and then everything was back to normal. One thing about Alberta is it has beautiful large roads and once you are through the Rockies fairly straight. I left Hwy 1 and bypassed Calgary to get on Hwy 2. It was the first time I drove that way. Great roads, but the scenery was one of brown rolling hills. Very brown rolling hills. Not much traffice so made good speed, but it seemed to take forever, then finally I was on Hwy 2 heading for Edmonton. Just north of Red Deer there is a rest spot. I pulled in their had a short meditation/sleep phoned Bridget to tell her where I was and then back on the road again.
I was a bit road weary when I pulled into Vida's place around 3.30pm, and just sat and ate and talked as it had been a year since Iwe had seen each other. The time just seems to go faster and faster.
This phase (the driving over) I'm now ready to get the little bits and pieces I still need for the weekend Expo and perhaps today I will go see another movie. I have a 2 hour massage booked for tomorrow. Channeling peoples guides for them (10 of them) tonight. Tomorrow is a past life workshop, so I'm up and at them now.
In the meantime, my toothbrush saved the day, in fact I thought my hair looked the best it has done for a long time.
Thanks for 'tuning in'
Lots of love to you all

Norma Cowie
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