Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts of February ending

February is fast coming to an end and it has been a busy month for me. I'm just back from taking The Yuen Method Level One course. I was thinking on the way home, it is often said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well I believe you can! Its called practice!
After taking the Introduction four hour workshop of the Yuen Method on New Years Day I recognized that it was similar to my Soul/Source Connection work and had some quicker methods and decided I wanted to know/learn more. Now with Level One under my belt, wherein I learned a great deal more of how I can utilize this technique I will be working to assimilate what I learned. After all I'm committed to aiding/helping people achieve what they want easily.
The second exciting thing which occurred was my 'Free Point Energy Wand' arrived, just before leaving for Calgary. Now again New Years played a part in this. A good friend happened to be in Vancouver and was introduced to the Amega Wand.....she brought it back with her to Penticton and demonstrated how it worked. For me I loved the way it made vegetables taste (not my favorite) but the taste of them, even lettuce, made me want one, after all one needs their veges. Anyway, while in Calgary I used it several times on people who had pain or discomfort and they all felt a difference - one person was able to raise his arm where he hadn't before. Several had pains from their shoulders, knees and feet removed. yeah! My friend Cecelia who I was staying with had developed a cough, and when 'wanding' her chest, she stopped coughing and better yet slept well through the night. This happened two nights in a row. I have found it is great to have as not everyone wants to be 'processed' with their pain, but are willing to have some relief now. In otherwords the 'wand' is acceptable. So I feel I have two ways of relieving pain.
Third thing is my six month Plug Into Your Personal, Psychic & Spiritual Power Intensive ended, which I wrote about earlier, but it sure always leaves a 'hole' in my life. What happens while participants are going through the program, I 'hold' them in light to travel their journey. Then when it is over I let them go, and for me its sad for a wee while. I spoke to Olivia who now lives in France yesterday morning, and that was great as she is doing well.
Now as I'm tidying up my house, seeing a last few clients I'm beginning to get ready for going to New Zealand where I will visit my family, friends and hopefully enjoy the sun, after all we have snow here this am. I'm sure everything which needs to get done will get done, but its always a bit hectic before you leave for a three week trip. I will be blogging how the trip goes when I can get to a computer.
As February comes to a close, I look back and think, wow its gone....come on March.

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