Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plug Into Your Power

This weekend was the last weekend of my six month intensive Plug Into Your Personal, Psychic and Spiritual Power. It is always satisfying to see the students who take the journey come to the end, but it is also sad. It means no more monthly meeting, no more getting together and sharing what has occurred the previous month.
Yet, what a warmth it is to know they have learned many personal tools which they can use in the coming years. Over the years I have taught this program, I have watched people continue on to make a difference in their lives. To learn other tools to work with, to become professional healers, psychics and most importantly have their personal lives work. Yes, as this latest group move into their futures they do have choices, like all of us, to make. Trustingly they will make choices which work effectively for them.
This year, one of the grads moved back to France and we had the pleasure of speaking with her on the Sunday morning. We were thrilled to hear her voice and hear how her life is unfolding. She and I worked together to ensure she had all the information and transform processes completed before she returned for good.
Also, one of the participants had a drive of several hours every weekend to be with us, and she stayed with me during the whole weekends sometimes coming a day or two early, or staying a day or two late. She just left this morning and I always feel like one of the family has left when she goes. We both know though, we will be seeing each other at the end of April when she returns into the area for the Spring Festival of Awareness, where she helps out, and I am giving two presentations, one on the Inner Child, and the other on Past Life Regression.
We were also fortunate once again to have a male in our group, who added the male perspective often to our conversations. I love it when we have at least one male in our group.
As is usual with my life, one group departs and I begin once more to attract the next group to begin the journey in the Fall. This year we will be beginning in October and continuing until March.
This week I'm also preparing to go to Calgary to take Level One of the Yuen Method. I'm looking forward to that as I have been working with what I know of the technique since I took the introduction and I'm thrilled to see it works really well with my soul/source work.
Then once home from that I'm in preparation mode for my trip to New Zealand, which I will keep everyone apprised of when I get access to a computer.
Its cloudy here today, a massive rain storm sometime in the middle of the night, and it looks like it may rain today. But I know the sun is shining beyond the clouds and I'm happy. Happy for life, happy for connection to source energy, happy for being alive on this wonderful planet, and happy I can watch the Winter Olympics.
Blessings to all this day

Norma Cowie
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