Thursday, November 26, 2009

Movie Review - Blind Side

Last Sunday night, while I was in Chilliwack after completing the Fraser Valley Health & Wellness Show, three of us first went for British Fish & Chips (very good) and then walked around in WalMart before sitting down to see the movie Blind Side with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw.
I found it a wonderful touching movie. In fact, if my local theatre here holds it over for another week, I will go see it again. Sandra plays the real life mom extremely well. You can see the humanity coming through as this family takes in a very large black teenager and make him part of the family. If it wasn't a true story, you would think its a Hallmark movie of the week (I enjoy those happy ending films) - except it is true - and it is wonderful and really makes you think if yourself would be as willing to open your home and space to a total stranger, especially one from a totally different cultural background.
Anyway, its good, especially I think if you are a woman (as I am). As also a sport person, although not necessarily football, I enjoyed the 'lessons' on football and the football scenes, which were not that many, but conveyed the message of what this young man needed to learn in order to become the professional football player he is today.
The winner of the show though, is the person who plays the young brother. What a character, I can only imagine what the actual son has grown up to be. In fact I would like to find that out. The young actor who plays him stole mine and the other two people with me hearts. He was the comic relief through his genuineness and his negotiating skills with the college recruiters was hilarious.
Yes, Blind Side, is definitely one to put on your 'must see' list.
Have fun!
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