Thursday, November 05, 2009

Catching Up

Being away 10 days doesn't sound like a long time, but to me it is. Coming home to 150 emails which needed sorting, answering and doing whatever. Clients wanting appointment (now that is great) and getting ready to plant daffodils (even though it is late) are all on the agenda. But the happiest of all is today my new washer and dryer gets delivered. My old dryer was toast and took forever to dry anything, and now the cool/cold weather is here with some rainy days a new dryer was in order, and of course the washer was no great shakes either. Hence a brand new set is arriving in around 1 hour.
I had a wonderful 10 days away. Exhibited at the West Coast Women's Show at the Tradex Building in Abbotsford. It is a big show, with lots of people, mostly women which translates some want readings. Therefore I was busy - at least busy enough - and that always makes me smile. I also bought a few items, notably two new outfits which are presently being 'made' for me. I hope to have them when I got the the Fraser Valley Health & Wellness Show in Chilliwack Nov 20/22nd. Changing my look. While I was at the Show, I was hosted by some great people in Abbotsford and I was even able to watch a bit of soccer on the Sunday morning before going off to be busy all afternoon.
The Monday after the Show I drove to Vancouver and picked up my daughter Bridget and we went to Vancouver Island (heh I got on the ferry free cause I'm over 65 now - what a bonus) where we visited a friend who I have not seen for years. Bridget stayed one night and then caught the float plane from Nanaimo back home. I stayed on. Lovely visit, as I rested, knitted and we had mexican food for lunch two days in a row. (One of the things I miss here is good mexican food - our one major (two fast foods) mexican resturant is not very good).
Then it was Thursday and time to leave and get on the ferry (me free, car not) to Tsawwassen, where I stayed with another friend who was wonderful. I throughly enjoyed my time with her, plus she gives the best massages and I had one on Friday morning before going off to see a movie. I was also able to visit my son and family for three different short visits. First for my eldest granddaughter's birthday - Friday, she turned nine, then watching them - Saturday - dressed in their Halloween getups (that's always fun) and then Sunday watching my youngest granddaughter who is five running around the soccer field. Afterwards I took them all out for brunch and then they went off for the eldest to play her game, while I had to leave to pick up friend Anne to bring back here, while on the way stopping and doing eight (yes eight) half hour soul-drawing readings -- what an assortment of souls. Anne and I arrived home here in Penticton at 12.30 am. I was happy to be home. My heart always comes so full when I get near this town I live in.
Since being home, Anne and I went and visited my friend Christobelle and her husband Mike for lunch. A visit I always enjoy. We have rested and worked outside - I raked the leaves, Anne worked in the garden. My back is now sore - thank goodness Chiropractor this afternoon - Anne's neck is sore. Also friend Ted came and took out the old washer and dryer for us, then brought some paint, so Anne and I painted some of the bathroom walls. It looks nice. This is something I have been wanting to do, but hadn't and now it is done. My new washer and dryer will have a nice clean freshly painted home in the bathroom.
This afternoon we are off to Kelowna .... chiropractor and a channeling evening for great people. Tomorrow is another day - clients and a movie. Saturday back to Kelowna Anne flys home, I do a psychic party. Life continues.
The main thing for me is to get back in the habit of writing here once again.
The sun is peeking through the high clouds even though Anne reports it is cold and the wind is colder so no more garden work until at least noon.
Blessings to all!

Norma Cowie
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