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Movie Reviews

Hi: its Sunday night and I have just come from from seeing George Clooney's new movie "Men who Stare at Goats". As I am often asked for my opinion on movies I have seen and in the last couple of weeks I have seen quite a few I thought I would take this opportunity to share what I have seen and what I thought of them.
I will begin with my visit to Vancouver where I managed to see three movies while I was in the 'big town'. First one was "Whip It". This is Drew Barrymore's directorial debut with Canadian's own Ellen Page. I enjoyed this movie. It was humanistic, fun, plus taught me a lot about roller Derby's, of which I knew nothing. Anyway, how a young girl follows her dream and overcomes her mother and stero-typing. The best part, I thought, is when she stands up to a boyfriend who does not meet her expectations. This is a good role model for young girls even if it is only a short short scene.
The next movie I saw was "The Vampire Apprentice". I got to see this mainly because it was on my list and the timing was right. I only had a few hours to see a movie inbetween being here and going there. I believe it is from a book, but the way it was filmed it could have been from a comic. The most frustrating part was it did not feel complete, its like where is the next installment. It (the movie) is apparently made of up the first of three books of ??. Anyway I'm wondering if they are going to do the others, or is it like the Golden Compass and somehow drops out of sight. Back to the movie itself. Bright colors versus dark - after all its about strange people and vampires. (Aren't you getting a bit tired of all the vampire stuff coming out - I am). Anyway, the story line is interesting and definitely has a good versus evil theme. Would I recommend it and say you have to see it - no. But it does have some entertainment value.
Next movie was "The Couples Retreat". I'm sure you have heard of this one as there have been lots of advertising for it. I had resisted seeing it here in Penticton, but my friend Beverly and I decided that we wanted to see that one (not too much else to choose from that weekend). Well, it was worth it. Much to my surprise I laughed and laughed. I'm not a big Vince Vaughn fan, but this movie was definitely worth a visit. It was right on about couples and what they can encounter and although some of it was a bit 'out there', the scenery (filmed in Bora Bora) was worth it alone. Beautiful colors in the water and land. Worth catching if you have not seen it yet.
Back home and Friday night went to see "This is It" with Michael Jackson. If you are a Michael Jackson fan or not, but love the rock beat music and his old hits, then this is a must. I'm thinking I may have to see it again. Loved it. The music plus seeing Michael, showing the producer side of him is worth seeing. I can only be in awe if this is how he sings in rehearsal, how wonderful the real show would have been. Highly recommend it to people who love the rock sound.
Then today (afternoon show) I went to see "Men who Stare at Goats". I must say I'm glad I saw it, for someone who has been reading books on distant viewing and of course is psychic loved the inside jokes, and how the psyche was displayed. I had many laughs (always good for the soul). Is there a lot of depth or value to the movie, I really can't say yes, but for entertainment and fun with some real truths this fits the bill. Definitely a movie to consider if you are in the 'psychic' realm. I do think it is good to laugh at ourselves sometimes. What I loved the most though is how they referred themselves as "the Jedi" and when George Clooney tells Ewen McGregor that he is a Jedi I totally cracked up. Several times I laughed because of McGregor's role in the Star Wars movies. Anyway, a nice way to put in two hours this afternoon. I still feel warm and chuckly inside.
This is my review of my latest adventures in the movies. Now I'm back in Penticton with only four movie theatres - poor me - and no afternoon shows except on the weekends when I'm usually busy, I will let you know what I think next time around......there are a few coming up I want to catch.

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