Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Winter has arrived

Hi: Friday night I held a Channeling evening here and we all noticed as people left it was a little cold. Well that night it dropped to seven below .... its not even mid October and its seven below. Then when I went out on Saturday morning onto my front porch it was covered totally with - not leaves - but small branches. The cold had frozen the small branches on one of my trees and they had just fallen off.
It happened Saturday night too, which dropped to minus eight, more small branches all over my front porch. Three bags of branches later, they are still falling, but its more like leaves, as it has warmed up (its now Wednesday - and so it should). But it is interesting how when you are not expecting something - like super cold - how you respond. I immediately turned the heat up and put on warmer clothes, but I truly was not ready for it all - the cold that is. I don't have my garden 'fallised' (don't think that's a word, but oh well) I have green tomatoes frozen on plants, I don't have my summer chairs put away. Heh this is my busy time and and its not supposed to get as cold as this until at least November.
Luckily my daughter is arriving next week and she will help me get the 'back' sorted out, thank goodness for young relatives who can do the things which take me forever. I'm still patting myself on the back for raking up three bags full of branches (not counting having to lie on the chesterfield for a while after each bag so my back muscles could relax). As I look out of my window as a write this, leaves (not branches) are falling down and obviously a wind is coming up, and the sky looks black and ominous. A storm coming in probably, and its meditation night tonight. We will see who shows up.
Back to how we handle changes. As the whole planet seems to be going through energy changes (I was speaking about this with my chiropractor today) how the 'old school' gets in a rut and does not want to consider 'new and different'. Well I like to think I'm flexible, but after my car being in the garage for nearly a week, and it being super cold I just thank my friends who came and gave me lifts around, and today, as I had to drive to Kelowna (1 hour away) to get to see my chiropractor I had to rent a car....I'm not sure I'm as flexible as I like to think I am. When I phoned the garage who are fixing up my car to the tune of a lot of dollars and asked about a loaner they said "Sorry, the last one went out". Did no one think to phone me to see if I wanted it -- no. I think my inner 'bitch' is raising itself to the a nice way of course. But I will have something to say about customer service. Its 4.30pm and no one has phoned yet to say my car is going to be there for another day (they are waiting for a part). Luckily the company has a deal with the rental company (I asked about that) so my rate is not so high, but I'm not impressed about the service......flexibility tested again.
Anyway, I'm working on revising my notes for the second intensive weekend which occurs this weekend ..... just about finished. Its interesting how quickly days pass, mind you I was able to watch Nadal play tennis for 1/2 hour (it only comes in on my main TV through the digital box - which my other two tv's don't have). But 1/2 hour rest watching Nadal is worth more than one hour reading.
Enough rambling for today. At least I'm back blogging!!!! Yeah!!!! No internet radio now, which is where I would normally be. Speaking to the world. Instead I'm here writing. Feels good to be back.
Lots of love to whoever reads this, trust its warmer where you are .... they (the weather people, who are never right) promise it will be warmer next week -- just as I'm leaving of course. Yes, you can see I'm very flexible and believing etc. etc. etc.

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