Monday, October 12, 2009

What happened to August?

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, my first weekend which is not jammed packed since the middle of September. Several days ago I was sitting down contemplating how come I had not worked with my blog for a long time when I realized I could not think what I had done in August. August seemed to have disappeared into the mists of time.
Still contemplating I remembered July vividly. Painting the fence, birthday barbeque, birthday trip away with three friends to Ainsworth Hot Springs, my daughter and her husband staying for two nights and then having my son, his family, my ex and his girlfriend here for the last week - but what had happened to August?
Then slowly I began to remember. First came the memory of going to Vancouver to see my daughter's new property on Keates Island. Had a wonderful relaxing weekend reading Wilbur Smith's new book Assegai - it was the only weekend they had rain. Then as I contemplated further I remembered the US Tennis Open. That's two weeks of tennis....I did watch quite a bit....some great tennis games. Plus I had a visit from a friend for an overnight, Mary from the Island had dropped by while in the vicinity. Ah yes, August had gone by fast, and then of course September came, with the first week disappearing into the mist along with August.
I do remember realizing September 7th (the holiday monday) that I better get busy as I was due in Calgary for the Body Soul & Spirit Expo on the 17th. Plus I had a couple of Intro evenings for my intensive. All of a sudden I was back in gear. Now September has sped by. First the Body Soul & Spirit Expo in Calgary, thank goodness I flew from Kelowna there and back, which meant I was not over tired from driving the eight hours it takes. Then the next weekend I taught my Tarot Reading Course (10 people) of which six are going on into the Plug Into Your Power Program (one weekend a month for six months). Once that was over, it was getting ready to go to Salmo B.C. for the P.A.T.H. Expo, where I was very busy. I was glad to drive home and have a couple of days rest and begin to get caught up, rest, plus getting ready for the next three weeks, teaching the second weekend of the intensive, then off to Abbotsford for the Fraser Valley Women's Show (as an exhibitor). After that I'm staying in Vancouver, visiting family, having some appointments with clients and hopefully seeing some movies.
Then guess what - it will be November. Ah August may have slipped by, but these last months I definitely remember.
The other week I completed my internet radio program on, but you can always listen via the archives. It was great to do, but now time to go back to the blog, working on updating my Power course and perhaps begin another book.
Not sure what it is like where you are, but a cold snap took us all by surprise and we have been having record cold nights, minus 7, 8 and 9. Beautiful days, but colder than expected. Out have come the winter clothes.
Until next time -- remember to enjoy!

Norma Cowie
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