Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Years Goal Setting

Every year many of us sit down and think of our goals for the coming year. On the TV here in London, there has been 'bits' done on the TV how New Years Resolutions don't work.
I trust you have thought about what you want this year to bring for you. It is a two universal year, a year of balance, a year of communication and understanding. You can find you own personal year by adding your month and day of birth plus number two (2009) together. It helps in clarifying what your year will bring in general terms. Mine is a four, a year of creating a new foundation, often a year of work, without too many rewards .... but the laying of the foundation is the main thing. As I have some ideas of what I want to create this year, I can see the laying the foundation for the next few years is correct.
Now, back to goal setting. Write down your goals, as many as you can think of. Look at every area of your life, relationships, work, family, material and spiritual. As you look them over, see which ones are the most important to you. Know you can create them all, but which ones are you commited to creating. It is the deciding and then commiting to the ones you truly want to take place in your life which is important. I find this step is one which is often overlooked when people are making New Years resolution. Know what you are commiting too.
A note on commitment. This means you are willing to do whatever it takes to bring your goal to fruition. You can create. Know if you did not have the ability to create a goal, you would not have thought it. What happens is that we don't commit. We don't make it a priority.
See if you can make at least one goal, if not three a priority. Make the commitment to have your goals come into reality.
Remember the most important thing of all -- HAVE FUN!!!
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