Saturday, January 10, 2009

Paris - Disneyland

Hi: wanting to catch up on my travels. The 4th Jan saw Norma T and I getting up at 4am for the cab at 4.30 to take us to Heathrow to fly to Paris. I was surprised (but really should not be) at the number of people who were there at the airport. Although how the cab driver drove it was a wonder we got there, cold, frosty night and he was driving the roads like a maniac. I prayed most of the way for safe delivery. Anyway we did arrive and checked in easily with the new checkin system. I spoke with a woman from Romania who had slept the night waiting for her 7am flight home, she had been over visiting her husband for Christmas. He was studying at a University in London. We spoke about separation from loved ones, and living in your homeland and/or away. I also did a little shopping in the stores.
Paris loomed and we poured out of the plane to discover we were in time to catch the bus to take us to our Hotel at Paris Disneyland. We found out later that they only run at certain times and a couple who had arrived abit later than us had missed the bus and took the train which took 2 1/2 hous (a journey which took us 45 minutes.
I never did see Paris the city. We went to Disneyland World, and that is where we stayed. Mind you it was only for two nights. Norma T was not feeling super well, but as we could not get into our Hotel room until 3pm , we bought 2 day pass and caught another bus to Disneyland itself. I need to point out here that the temperatures had been dropping and it was getting quite cold. Me though, wrapped up in my layers of clothing, plus my big faux beaver fur coat, with scarf, hat and gloves did not get cold. My friend Norma T though did - she got very chilled both days we were there.
First day, we went almost right away to the Pirates of the Carribean Ride. We both have that as our favourite ride. Luckily we did, because the next day when we went to repeat it, it was closed for maintenance. One thing about Disneyland is kids. Lots of kids and the feeling of entering magicland is still there for this big kid. I think though I do not have to go anymore. I have seen all three Disneylands. I a;so think many countries could learn from them (Disneyland that is) how to move people. The crowds managed with ease and there was a lot of people considering the cold and the snow the next day.
We stayed for the Parade, and again I enjoyed the experience and this time apprecited how they had arranged their floats. With one character design on one end, and another on the other end. Pretty neat. Then back to the Hotel via the overflowing bus, to the buffet room, where for 30. euros there was a large selection of food. Darn it I don't eat too much at any one time anymore - I 'should' be thin.
Bed, sleep, and up in the morning, ready to go again. Look out the window - snow. Snow falling gently down. Does that stop us - no! Off we go, line up, filled up bus, snow doesn't stop anyone where Disneyland is concerned. We did find that we were watching the slipperyness - after all we are two grandmothers in our 60's. We went on the BuzzLightyear Ride. What a hoot! I was thrilled with my shooting score, then saw others who were finishing and was disappointed. I was really low. Mind you didn't matter, cause I thought it was good! We then did some more shopping and more walking (remember Disneyland is walking - no stairs there though - yeah! Mind you to get to the buffet room at the Hotel you had to walk up and down the stairs. Oh got side tracked to my ability to walk up and down stairs. (London underground for instance)/
Then we went - walked - to the other side, Disney Studios. We sat through couple of shows, one I truly enjoyed, can't remember the name, (Cinerama I think) but you saw Martin Short tying all the different movies together. I thought it was well done as you went from silent, black & white through to day -- with him traveling through time -- otherwise it was getting wet, snowing more and Norma T getting more and more chilled. We decided not to see the Parade, but went back to the Hotel for food and rest. The next day we were waiting for the bus to take us back to the airport, when a limosene (van actually) came in and so for the same price we were driven back in more comfort. That's when we found out the Paris arport had been closed down the day before (snow) and there were lots of people who had been stranded finding out alternative flights etc. Also we discovered our flight home was to London City airport, not Heathrow. Wonderful, Norma was not sure where that was, but upon landing we discovered we could take the train/underground to her place.
She had left the heat off, it was freezing below zero outside, so turned the heat on, dropped the bags and went back out for supper. Hamburgers. When we got back the place was warm enough and off to bed as the next day Norma T was back to work and I was packing.
Disneyland completed.
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