Monday, February 02, 2009

Vision Board, Treasure Maps & the like

I finally feel I'm back here and life is being as it needs to be. Yesterday, Sunday afternoon from 2 - 5 pm seven of us came together to produce vision boards, treasure maps or whatever you want to call them.
When I first became familiar with these they were introduced to me as treasure maps, but today several names seem to apply, vision boards I think became popular from the DVD The Secret. Anyway seven of us had a wonderful three hours as we plowed through magazines, cut and pasted. What wonderful boards emerged. I know I was surprised - although I'm not sure why, because I created it - how mine ended up looking, but I like the look of it and it will go up in my bedroom for me to gaze on.
What was interesting to me as an example of when you ask you are rewarded with more than you can imagine. As my house had hardly any magazines (due to cleaning up before going on the holiday) I put out the request at our celebration centre for magazines. Well abundance reigned in magazines. Then most of the seven participants came with more. I thought this is how God responds to us. Ask and you do receive. I have bags of magazines which will need to be recycled. The good news was that we were able to have lots of different magazines - therefore pictures - to look through.
I trust you have made something similar for yourself to give yourself direction as to what you would like to have show up in your life. I have made my 'treasure maps' several times during my life and it surprises me when I go back how much has actually been there. Good luck on creating one if you have not all ready done so.
Blessings to all in peace and love

Norma Cowie
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