Saturday, February 14, 2009

Australian Bushfire

My friend Shirley in Australia sent some photos from her daughter and husbands property. I wanted to include one, which shows the fire and then green fields (where the cows were) but somehow I've been able to get it to copy into this. So take my word for it, it is a miracle. There are trees where one is burnt to a crisp and the one next to it is green, there are fields where they are burnt and then just beyond it is a green field. As mentioned before this fire missed my friends daughter and husband's house and obviously some of the fields and cows. Unfortunately many many more were not so lucky. Having visited their home, it is a magical place and I can see why the fire would 'jump' over it.
In the meantime, warmer days brings our ice melting and the temperature is above zero.
Therefore, as our spring advances, fall will be advancing in Australia. The weather dance continues.

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