Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another prayer success

Hi: you may remember when I prayed for my dishwasher to work and it did. Well since March I have not been able to find my camera. I thought it was in one place, but it wasn't. Through all the pain and travel in the following months I could not set about actually looking for it, but kept my eye out. Still no camera. Now I'm feeling better and I'm catching up with myself, getting things back in order and I was thinking, "I wonder where that camera is?" Then I remembered that a friend of mine had said that St. Anthony was in charge of lost objects. Not being a catholic I don't know all my saints, but I did remember this one. (Mind you one of my favorites was St. Christopher the saint of travel, and now he's now longer a saint - but who cares, I still like him).
Anyway, I proceeded to pray to St. Anthony for the return of my camera. Would you believe a few minutes later I walked into my office, looked down (for some reason) at the space between my computer desk and a small file draw, and there on the floor, between the two by the back wall was my camera.
Thanks to St. Anthony, my camera is now sitting on my desk right before me. Cudos go to him, and especially to remember prayer does work.
Anyway, camera is back in hand, so more photos to come .... one day I will totally figure out not only how to download but how to email effectively.
You all have a good day and remember to pray for what you want. If you are not sure how, email me, and I will create one for you to say. I just love prayer work.
Lots of love this wonderful summer day, (my laundry is all out on the line getting wonderfully sun dried - just love the summers here).

Norma Cowie
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