Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Supper with a 91 year old

I live in a mobile park and in this park there lives a 91 year old whose name is Pete. Pete is a character and proudly will tell you he walks at least 5 miles a day in order to keep healthy. (He used to walk 20 miles, but thats too much now). Over the two years I have lived here I see him often walking the circuit around our park. In fact, I myself often walk the circuit. Over time Pete and I began to have conversations, often about metaphysics and we exchange books and everynow and again he brings me a gift of something or other.
Pete, having lived for 91 years is full of knowledge, especially about the body and can recite facts and figures, which never in a month of Sundays would I remmber. But no matter what he is always interesting.
The other day he mentioned to me he wanted to have some Chinese Food and he had been to one restsurant, took one bite and left, so I said how would you like me to take you for supper on Sunday. I'll pick you up at 5pm. My final word was with him, "its a date Pete, I'll pick you up at 5pm Sunday". He had told me he wanted to go to a smorgasboard, otherwise forget it. Oh yes, he's a direct talker.
So at 5pm I pulled up outside his trailer and there he was sitting, reading a book. I asked him "are you ready". He replies "yes, you said Sunday, but not which Sunday, so figured it would be this one". I had decided which resturant to take him too, and thank goodness he enjoyed it. This particular resturant has a large selection of food, including seafood. Both Pete and I ate our fill, with Pete chatting up the waitress the whole time. When we (or should say Pete) totally finished eating, I drove us park to our park and left him as I drove the short further way to my place.
He said he enjoyed it. For me I enjoyed his company. This man is so knowledgeable, and although sometimes I'm not quite sure if he is joking or serious, I always enjoy our talks. He has a great relationship with the universe. Raised Catholic, has no time for churches or organized religion, but when he talks about his way of speaking to the great spirit, and to his body he understands the conscious, subconscious and superconscious like nobody I have ever met. He is indeed a living example of speaking with the body and the universal energy (some would call it prayer).
I look forward to another day when I once again will take Pete out for Chinese Food. In the meantime, I watch him walk by as he takes his daily walk and sometimes when I'm walking and hes walking (interestingly we both walk in different directions) we meet along the circuit and talk.
Hope you get to take someone interesting to supper and enjoy their company.
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