Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ain't friends wonderful

Today I was reminded how wonderful friends are. Especially living here without family, I have to rely on friends for different things I cannot do. This morning I put a call out to a friend who has done quite a bit of work around here for me. Sure enough he rolled up in his truck and did several odd jobs which needed doing, plus got my swamp cooler working. Now in this hot valley I need my swamp cooler. Once the temperature goes over 30oC it is very hot. I'm lucky in that I have trees which protect my mobile home in the morning and again in the evening, but that afternoon sun can be a little to hot. (Although I hate to say that - it does become a bit much especially in the high 30's and into 40's which we can get regularly once we are into July and August.)
Anyway, my friend Ted, a most wonderful Crystal Energy Healer, came and did several hours work for me. Now my 'consulting room' has a wonderful lace curtain over the window, a green one covering the small closet and a new little three tierd bookcase (only 3' x 1') but it will hold my CD's and DVD's nicer than the bag they were in. My consulting/reading room, now is much more serviceable for clients. So thank you Ted ..... I feel like my consulting room is finally coming together. It got put on hold with me being ill from the gall bladder and then after the surgery. Now I'm back on track.
Plus he is going to get me a gallon of paint, loan me the painting utensils, so I can begin to paint my fence which badly needs it and I want to do it (at least this is the vision) a little bit at a time. Oh yes, he's picking up my lawn mower which is getting revamped and will no doubt bring that tomorrow .... friends can't live without them.
Now other friends in the last few days have taken me to lunch, phoned to see how I'm doing, given me a knitting pattern to copy which I wanted and generally made my life much easier.
So the thought today is THANK YOU ALL FRIENDS for without you my life would be a lot less.
Blessings on this beautiful day.

Norma Cowie
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