Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being All You Can Be!

Since last Wednesday night during meditation I have been receiving messages about being 'more'. To allow my 'essence' to expand and become all I can be. I had to step back and think about this a bit, because I feel grounded, excited about life (again) and generally enjoying my life. (Its amazing what getting rid of a diseased part of you can do to your energy - isn't that symbolic). Anyway, my meditation last week was having my essence become strong enough that nothing could restrict me. Then a couple of other thoughts and signs through the following days, followed by the channeling session last night.
The whole session (without giving details) was about strengthing the essence of the person the guide was talking too. If you are not aware, I facilitate channeling sessions where your guide speaks to you. I had a group of six people last night, and I felt at the time (the specific information which came through for each one has mostly receeded) that the messages all had an important overview. I have discovered over the years of doing this that whenever a group comes together a theme emerges. Well the theme was definately be all that you can be. Allow your 'essence' your beingness shine, develop to its full potential.
As I'm working with a study group (which meets here within a hour) on the book Think and Grow Rich the confidence exercise in there, basically says 'think about how you want to be for 30 minutes every day'. Imagine if we all did that. I know I'm going to set aside some time to do that. To imagine myself in my fullness of my being for 30 minutes. I can see how quickly the obstacles to that will emerge so I can transform them into the 'light' so I can become all that I can be. Ah life ... the journey .... just when you think you are a place of relaxing and enjoying the slower pace of life, another twist and turn and there you are looking at 30 minutes of being all that you can be. (My words for how you want to be).
I'm feeling stronger inside already. So lets see where this takes me.
Lots of love to you all this day (oh yes the session last night spoke alot about love (of self going out into the world and of healing the planet).
Enjoy being all that you can be.
I'm off to eat breakfast so I can lead the group.

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