Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dishwasher works - thanks to a prayer

In early December I was given a dishwasher. My daughter had decided I needed a dishwasher and bought a 1/2 size one for my kitchen. She with her husband proudly brought me my new dishwasher. It would not work. I tried several times, they tried, it would not work. They had to leave (it was a short overnight visit) and a good friend of mine who is handy came - he could not make it work - my daughter by this time had contacted where she bought the dishwasher and they found a company in Penticton who would come look at it. The repair man arrived, he could not make it work. Now it was just before I was leaving for my long holiday to England, Italy etc. So the repairman said he would order the part he thought it needed and when I got back they would fix it.
Off I went on my holiday with the dishwasher sitting in its now usual place and I'm thinking I'll get it fixed when I get back. That did not happen, instead I phoned, "no the part wasn't in" the girl reported. Another month went by and again the girl at the end of the phone reported the part was not in.
Now it is the middle of March, this thing is sitting in my kitchen for three months not working so I phone one more time. Obviously things are changing. The man on the end of the phone is frustrated, he has no girl, and he can't find my order. The repair man who came to see the dishwasher in the first place wasn't in. He would be in tomorrow, he would talk with him and get back to me, as he can't find anything to do with my dishwasher. (Oh yes, I had begun to feel my repair order had been lost and was following up on my psychic hunch with this phone call.)
I go into my office and sit down and think. "I really did not want this dishwasher in the first place, so maybe if I change my attitude to it, things will change". I dedcide to welcome the dishwasher (after all its been in my house 3 months, I'm used to it around and although I haven't used it as a dishwasher I have used the top as a chopping board).
I then go out, put my hands on the dishwasher and offer a prayer of welcome to it, mentioning that the universal love force is in everything, which includes it - the diswasher - and I welcome it into the oneness of all there is.
Prayer completed, I plug it in, attach it to the water tap (its portable one) and turn it on -- it works!!!! Who would believe.
Final step - I phone back the company and say, "This is Mrs Cowie, you do not have to worry about the dishwasher I prayed on it and its now working". I did not hear back from him.
Thank goodness for prayer and a change of attitude. The dishwasher has been working fine since.
Norma Cowie
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