Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Internet Radio Program

Its happening, I'm on the airwaves, this time through the magic of the internet. I was receiving emails from Sharon Taperon who has her own internet radio program, and one came in offerring people the opportunity to have their own internet radio program on a new site which was hitting the airwaves. I decided I would look into it. A goal of mine for the last few years has been to have my own radio or TV show. Well here was the opportunity. A bit different that what I had forseen, but on the other had it was an opportunity to reach 'the world'.
An interesting thing happened. After I contacted Sharon and asked her some questions, I emailed the site and I spoke with the main person behind everything, decided a date to start and I had to come up with a focus - a title - and they sent me a contract to sign.
It was when I received the contract that I discovered a very different me emerged. I became totally paralised. I spent a week hardly doing anything, except what needed to be done, housework, clients, meditation group etc. The rest went on hold. The contract sat on my coffee table and I could not think.
I was observing this and watching myself thinking, "what is going on with you"? I realized I was moving beyond my comfort zone. I was going to put myself 'out there'. There was fear, concern and then I finally was able to leave my paralized state and 'get going'. The first thing I did was put back my first air date by one week. That was a relief. Then I realized what was stopping me the most was the technical aspect. The downloading of the programs, so I got the help of my computer techie Rob. He helped me download the programs I needed and that was a big relief. Then when Sharon and I did a practice run, it was not very good. From that I ended up phoning my internet company - Shaw - and upgraded my service. Another obstacle overcome.
I had decided I would use the Tarot as my base and so the program was being called 'The Tarot World with Norma Cowie'. By concentrating on one symbol week by week, it opens up a subject. I was going to begin with the Magician - the number one of the higher arcana, with the key all things are possible. Heh I was living it. Going step by step, getting ready for the adventure.
Then I emailed everyone on my mailing lists and a few people sent in questions. They made me feel a bit more comfortable, questions meant I would have something to work with. Yeah!!! Also I was planning on doing a meditation regarding the symbol, plus some healing later in the program. I noticed I was waking up in anxiety the preceeding of the first date.
Then the day came. I woke up with a huge knot (not a small one, but a big one) in my stomache. I went and did my dance exercise with Nancy at the Music Club, and then had lunch with my friend Carol, at our favorite Japanese resturant - Fusion - and then home to ensure I was ready. I had made a schedule. Phone transferred to the cell, which is put on vibrate. Water handy, questions handy etc. Then I went to get on the site, luckily early, and could not get into the chat room, I was panicked. Skyped Sharon and she luckily answered saying, 'when did you last boot'. Oh damn, quite a while ago.
I shut it down and waited (seems like my computer takes forever). Then finally, it booted up and this time was able to get through into the chat room. There was Sharon waiting for me and then Donna (from Red Deer) came on and we 'chatted', with me saying 4 minutes to go, 3 minutes to go, stomache still a bit tight, but not so bad. Then it came 4pm -- I pressed the connect key and I was on the air, with the potential of speaking to the world.
Both Sharon and Donna wrote on the chat I was loud and clear and they said wonderful supporting comments through out. For me, it was a long one hour, I was so glad I had the questions before hand as it gave me something to work with once I had explained the symbol. I'm sure it will get easier as the weeks go by.
Tomorrow, another Wednesday - 2nd week - this time the High Priestess, Number two, which is choice and decision. A few questions are already in from friends and students. I'm not waking up with nerves, my stomache is relaxed and I'm sure I will be able to get through it just fine.
I'm still having trouble getting downloaded into the archives though, so technical issues are still persisting......I will get it figured out.
Therefore, every Wednesday, 4pm Pacific time, 7pm Eastern time, or if you are in NZ - Thursday noon - west coast Australia Thursday 2pm I will be on http://www.theshiftradio.com/; tune in, listen and join me in the chat room. You click on chat, then scroll down and find where you type your name and click on enter and there you will be able to type in your question or comment.
Now this is where I'm learning how to multitask in a new way. Keep talking while monitoring the chat room, read questions etc.....some people have an assistant, I'm not there yet. Also, need to figure out how to play interviews, which I'm intending and music .... which if I find what I'm looking for I will have for the meditation this week, as I missed it last week (I usually have music with my meditations).
In the meantime, I sit in my small office, looking out my window at the bird feeder with the birds eating away, a bit of snow still on the hills and today it is very cold here. Tomorrow who knows. I look forward to you joining me weekly for the The Tarot World - the Journey, when I get the opportunity to speak to the world. (A goal of mine). Thanks Shift Radio for the opportunity, thanks internet and thanks to you who read this and listen Wednesdays.
Norma Cowie
250 490 0654
Email: norma@normacowie.com

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