Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A world of peace

This is the third post this morning, but I have been a bit paralized, which the last post addressed. Now I am catching up.
In my paralized state I sat and watched quite a bit of TV and was watching the last Matrix Movie --- lots of noise as guns were going off and I began thinking (or we could call it contemplating) how we have so much war and dissention on our planet and if we live in peace what would that really be like.
As I was contemplating a world of peace a thought came to me. To live in peace, we need to have RESPECT!!! Without respect there will no peace. Respect for the thoughts and ideals of each other, and being able to discuss them with respect and honor. A consensus coming from respect of each one's viewpoint.
The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize we speak of Peace and Love all the time, but we don't hear the word Respect. We don't say let there be respect on earth. We say let there is peace or love on earth. We don't say "let us respect each other", or "I respect your viewpoint even if I do not agree with it".
Therefore I am suggesting we begin to look at where we do not respect or honor ourselves as well as others. Where we sit in judgement and make decisions and conclusions without respect. I am sure you will find you do it somewhere. I know I have been observing myself since this observation and it is surprising where lack of respect seeps in.
Suggestion: that you join me in how we can begin to respect ourselves, and others.
Have a great day!
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